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Hookup, Hitta Sex eller Träffa Någon Het Nu

WhiteforBlack64 76 M
1  Artikel
--------------------------------   2011-01-24


0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
lj1958hott 66 M
3  Artiklar
svårt   2010-04-01

varför skall det vara så svårt att vara kille på detta ställe

0 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
Cwtheman56 40 M
12  Artiklar
What is dateing   2021-03-21

What is dating really I mean when me and my wife met.we got engaged right away 2 years later its been gonna.good so far for a.year now so dating to me is.a.joke really.

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
sweetlysassy10 56 K
4  Artiklar
Numbnuts   2021-01-16

Is everyone on here nuts?

5 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
photispittas 41 M
1  Artikel
I am single, handsome, educated no drama man, ready to meet. tell me the where and when?   2020-12-02

I have been in this site for ages, over 10 years now! <br><br> I am single and ready for action.. <br><br> Lets get in touch ladies and couples!

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 0 Röster
lola2b4u 50 T
3  Artiklar
RL meets from online   2020-11-25

Given the number of all the sites currently availible online, i wonder if they've ever tried to maintain a record of successful hookups from their sites? Then, if they did recieve feed back to form a database of sorts, how reliable do you think it would be? I've seen a few sites claim to be "best" in certain categories, but are their claims really trustworty? Food for thought.

3 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.51 Resultat
Bristolman999 41 M
8  Artiklar
Have some fun   2020-10-01

Anyone want to watch me wank on cam

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 0 Röster
Bristolman999 41 M
8  Artiklar
Have some fun   2020-10-01

Anyone want to watch me wank on cam

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 0 Röster
Allagesneedapply 48 M
0  Artiklar
Love   2020-08-15

It's hard to write about at the same time i describe myself as a 45 year old of a good time for every occasion

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 0 Röster
tongutied3 21 M
1  Artikel
im me   2020-08-05

im me

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
AllHolesFilledFu 45 M
1  Artikel
I need ppints   2020-07-15

And a good fuck

2 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
Thizzlerontheroo 32 M
2  Artiklar
Why   2020-03-28

Why do we cheat

4 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
hitupon 33 M
1  Artikel
Compatibility   2020-03-22

How would you want define compatibility? What are the things will you look for in a person?

3 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 0 Röster
Stud918 60 M
6  Artiklar
Sex   2020-02-01

Is it ok to have sex on the first date.

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 8 Röster ,4.17 Resultat
stringtime666 62 M
6  Artiklar
what you like to know   2020-01-30

at least what do you need to know about the other person before a meeting can happen? or is your first impression?

8 Kommentarer, 78 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.59 Resultat
luv2licurkitty 56 M
3  Artiklar
Need   2020-01-24

some bad!!

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
Need some points   2020-01-22

Need ....find a soft one and make it hard.

1 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 21 Röster ,1.76 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Use my pictures XXX   2020-01-21

Use my pictures, I like to exhibit, it excites me to be seen naked, look at all the pictures that i put..., you can copy and display..., thanks

39 Kommentarer, 247 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.74 Resultat
Trick   2020-01-20

Trick post for pts

7 Kommentarer, 58 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.24 Resultat
Key to a successful hook up   2020-01-16

What's the key. How often do you hook up with person. Do you sleep together the first night

0 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.90 Resultat
Sirfpyar1930 32 M
11  Artiklar
Quiz for date   2020-01-16

Quiz for date it's actually understanding questions that it is for within date or before start date or having conversations before the meeting So what are the question that what is his or her thought about first kiss ondate or thi k about sex or just frndlly nature for the meeting only or give time for first or other meetings so guys start the paddle and bit question and answer

3 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.17 Resultat
wewillfuck2day 43 P
1  Artikel
sex   2020-01-16

try to fuck as many people as u can

3 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 15 Röster ,1.29 Resultat
Points   2020-01-14

Only for the points

6 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
Newtothearea1523 39 M
12  Artiklar
How   2020-01-11

Many does it take

3 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 22 Röster ,1.32 Resultat
RBwave1 45 M
5  Artiklar
Whats the first thing you do   2020-01-10

On a first first date..... <br><br> A. Take the <br><br> B. <br><br> C.

5 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
Jsyoungfun 30 M
2  Artiklar
For the M/F couples   2020-01-07

I’m just wondering what the percentage of couples looking for a single male prefer bi/curious over straight. So couples lmk what you think!

3 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
Who fucks on the first meeting?   2020-01-06

O So whos hooked up on the first meet? How far did you go?

14 Kommentarer, 94 Besök, 32 Röster ,4.08 Resultat
Points   2020-01-06

Pile on for points

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.86 Resultat
This is an article   2020-01-02

This is an article I guess? I just want the points lol

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.75 Resultat
Points   2020-01-01

Just for the points, just for the points, just for the points

1 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 20 Röster ,4.40 Resultat
points   2020-01-01

This article is just to get more points................................................

4 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
Jerking off before a date   2019-12-29

How many guys jerk off before a date to feel more relaxed? What are the pros and cons? Share your thoughts.

8 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.40 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Happy 2020   2019-12-26

happy 2020 happy new year, here I leave you pictures, enjoy them and use them, I like...

36 Kommentarer, 255 Besök, 33 Röster ,0.03 Resultat
first date or some rule   2019-12-25

Do you judge on sexiness of moment or some rule?

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
6kitty_licker9 56 M
5  Artiklar
Name something that you can do without points   2019-12-22

pretty much nothing

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.98 Resultat
antisocial200 21 M
2  Artiklar
use a condom for safty!   2019-12-18

and i need points.

2 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 32 Röster ,4.18 Resultat
dicappstally 31 M
5  Artiklar
XBox or PS4?   2019-12-17

XBox or PS4?

3 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
Helalha4fwbnsa 34 M
4  Artiklar
Dating quiz   2019-12-15

How many would take a quiz for

4 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.10 Resultat
frndshipforlife 32 M
6  Artiklar
Dating quiz to cross the next level   2019-12-11

So if I would say that I am designing a dating quiz so what all are the things you people loved to see as a question in dating quiz. It will be before dating as well while dating and the result of dating eveeying need to be ear it is good or not Or what say about if every question have one point and if you qualify the passing point you will be using these points on your tip while dating or you ...

2 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.76 Resultat
Toys for x mas   2019-12-09

What sec'y toys are your getting your lover?

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 0 Röster
luvlicnu69 56 M
5  Artiklar
No Quiz Needed   2019-12-08

Points rule the day on here

3 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.93 Resultat
Umatilla1 28 M
1  Artikel
Perfect penis   2019-12-07

What do you consider perfect penis size ?

9 Kommentarer, 104 Besök, 34 Röster ,3.06 Resultat
74nike 45 M
15  Artiklar
What are you looking for here?   2019-12-06

1. Relationship. 2. One night stand. 3. Friend with Benefits.

14 Kommentarer, 97 Besök, 44 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
Akuforfun 28 M
5  Artiklar
ttttnt   2019-12-06

fefrxrgrrbtbtbtbtbtbtx t xttbtbtbtb btxbtxbttbtbt tbt tttt

4 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 30 Röster ,2.55 Resultat
Where it’s at   2019-11-29

Fuck her right in the pussy

5 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.57 Resultat
eyecanplsyou 67 M
6  Artiklar
into sharing wife   2019-11-29

anybody between Dallas & Hou Tx. into sharing their wife with a older guy like me? Lets have some hot erotic fun together.

1 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 27 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
onebigpickle 40 M
5  Artiklar
When do you call it quits?   2019-11-25

Is there any usual sign besides the ones that stick out that you know your partner isnt into you anymore?

7 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 36 Röster ,2.37 Resultat
Quiz   2019-11-24

How many people do most people meet on AdultFriendFinder in a year. How many serious relationships are found on AdultFriendFinder.

3 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 23 Röster ,2.89 Resultat
std   2019-11-22

which is worse herpes

3 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 25 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
303naughtyplay 36 M
6  Artiklar
Questions   2019-11-09

lets keep the points coming all night. oh .

11 Kommentarer, 85 Besök, 48 Röster ,2.26 Resultat
How many dates until sex...   2019-11-09

Besided having a ONS.... how many dates before you sleep with someone? And GO!

12 Kommentarer, 104 Besök, 53 Röster ,2.39 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Sex very morbid...   2019-11-09

Sex very morbid, I am very very exhibitionistand very pig..., use my images, I like...

23 Kommentarer, 161 Besök, 19 Röster ,0.36 Resultat
rm_sweet2b4 59 P
5  Artiklar
v   2019-11-06

Guys have you ever used a vacuum cleaner to give yourself a blow job?

14 Kommentarer, 106 Besök, 61 Röster ,0.05 Resultat
sexynfun01 59 P
9  Artiklar
Cocks   2019-11-04

How many cocks do you want to have on a date? Three has been my best so far....\8...\8...\8

10 Kommentarer, 86 Besök, 47 Röster ,3.16 Resultat
ddvv19 27 M
1  Artikel
joke   2019-11-02

if u love some how do you know if they love u

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
No quiz here   2019-10-31

Just needin the points.. Have a nice day!

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 0 Röster
Smthng818 34 M
6  Artiklar
Points   2019-10-24

I just need points please

6 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 39 Röster ,2.67 Resultat
11 WTF   2019-10-17

Point whore I am.. Total BS!

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
you looking   2019-10-16

you looking to be a dirty whore that like to be humualited and want to be taken by a knott and wants to try new thing and be kinky and wild. i am willing to meet

3 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 36 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
Top ten answers   2019-10-14

are on the board and this is for all the points

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Take2 Action   2019-10-12


2 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 26 Röster ,1.08 Resultat
Points galore   2019-10-11

Points galore

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 29 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
juanpi197427 50 M
7  Artiklar
calentita por oral   2019-10-11

por fin conoci una amiga que le da mucho placer el sexo oral y le encanta y le fascina que se lo haga en cualquier lugar sin pudor muy gozadora insaciabe y caliente se pone muy hot a pesar de ser mucho mas joven que yo es totalmente deliciosa y simpatica

1 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 21 Röster ,1.39 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Use my images   2019-10-03

Use my images, I am very very exhibitionist, look at me show, I like.I miss it whit people, me excites...look my images...

28 Kommentarer, 169 Besök, 23 Röster ,0.44 Resultat
POints   2019-10-02

How many other people are not getting all the points they are due for leavin articles and such?

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,0.34 Resultat
looking for fun   2019-09-28

this is a test

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 33 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Humiliated   2019-09-25

I like to be seen like this , look at my photos you can use them...I am very exhibitionist...

22 Kommentarer, 200 Besök, 75 Röster ,0.44 Resultat
adding   2019-09-21

what is up with this site

8 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 37 Röster ,1.38 Resultat
adding   2019-09-21

what is up with this site

7 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.38 Resultat
Sara_xXx69 29 K
2  Artiklar
I am also good in bed   2019-09-19

I am here seeking for a soul mate a very good caring man that is ready to make me happy never let me down, I am also good in bed. Came and let's play..Call or text me if serious..914 487 6144

15 Kommentarer, 111 Besök, 57 Röster ,2.92 Resultat
First thing you notice   2019-09-19

On a first date, what is the first thing you notice about the person you meet?

7 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
UnsuspectingD 41 M
1  Artikel
Hole in one   2019-09-16

I was discussing with someone I met online to rank her favorite holes to be penetrated in from 1 to 3 and was surprised to hear her response. What are your rankings?

6 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.08 Resultat
When on a date   2019-09-15

do you go to places based on the of points you can get?

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 6 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
Great people   2019-09-11

How many people on here have met great people from this site? I know I am very happy with the quality of people on here for the most part. Hard to believe, right?

6 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 21 Röster ,1.89 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
Naked with public   2019-09-09

Naked with public, I am very very exhibitionist and morbid..., what do you think?...I like, use images I LIKE AND VERY MORBID...

10 Kommentarer, 91 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
pjfriendly001 44 M
1  Artikel
I have never   2019-09-06

How many times have you played the game I have never..... and then realized the partner you are with... is more of a freak than you are..? <br><br> How many times have you been embarrassed that you were too much of a wild child than your partner could handle? <br><br> Its a good way to get down to business, however, its a killer for relationships that do not know where ...

4 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
Jank0317 32 P
5  Artiklar
What do u do on a date   2019-09-03

Just looking to see what anyone does and doesn't do on a first date

15 Kommentarer, 136 Besök, 82 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
Cjay9202 32 M
5  Artiklar
for the points plzzzz   2019-08-26

for the points plzzzz

10 Kommentarer, 70 Besök, 39 Röster ,3.97 Resultat
Quick Quiz ..   2019-08-26

So, when you first date a woman, does an one do so without alcohol? <br><br> I mean, in truth ... ahh, what would we do without?

4 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 26 Röster ,1.95 Resultat
earth2adam4u 59 M
12  Artiklar
What type of 3some do you prefer.   2019-08-23

Almost everyone has considered a 3some at one point or other in their lives. They have at least thought about one. Many have tried once or more. I expect that is especially true here on AdultFriendFinder. The question is, which type do you prefer. <br><br> I have found that almost everyone has a clear preference for mfm vs fmf. There are a few exceptions who have no preference but almost ...

9 Kommentarer, 77 Besök, 36 Röster ,3.58 Resultat
what is best   2019-08-21

what is the best way introduce anal into the relationship?

2 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.08 Resultat
Fun in the sun   2019-08-18

Do you enjoy outdoor sex or prefer the comfort of the home? Personally I like both but the house takes it. <br><br> Do you like doggystyle or missionary? I like doggy because that angle is prime <br><br> Do you like to play with more than one partner at a time? Not sure yet inexperienced here.

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Dating   2019-08-16

Does anyone actually date on here or just fun?

14 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 44 Röster ,1.75 Resultat
shootitome2 73 M
20  Artiklar
Ain't a Fucking Poll   2019-08-15

It's a quiz. <br><br> ...

2 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 23 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
How many of you have cheated while married?   2019-08-13

How many have cheated while being married? Also, is it a natural impulse can’t always be ignored or is it extremely morally wrong?

11 Kommentarer, 83 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.76 Resultat
69ChicagoFunGuy 51 M
8  Artiklar
Its the Dating Quiz ... Luxurious Perks and Prizes ;)   2019-08-13

When you play "hard to get" - Does it turn you on more, or does it turn your partner on more? <br><br> For those that haven't introduced a 3rd (or more) person(s) into your playtime, how would you convince your partner, who is on the fence about the idea? <br><br> In relation to the previous question, have you participated with another partner in a 3-some or ...

1 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 28 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
biboy4fun69 36 M
3  Artiklar
Just confused as all hell...   2019-08-12

with picking up those points

3 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
Where you do it   2019-08-11

Right in the pussy

7 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 19 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
..   2019-08-11


0 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.22 Resultat
..   2019-08-11


0 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.92 Resultat
shootitome2 73 M
20  Artiklar
wanna little peek?   2019-08-08

just point picking.[post Well Cum]...

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.93 Resultat
Best Brisbane dating venue   2019-08-03

what bar, restaurant is the best in Brisbane to impress a lady on a first date in Brisbane? and why?

0 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 5 Röster ,3.80 Resultat
How many Points do you get for this   2019-08-02

Just curious and wanting the many points do i earn for posting a mind numbingly boring article such as this ...

3 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.94 Resultat
At last   2019-07-28

I like being a perv. It makes the day go faster. Does it not?

2 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.90 Resultat
Query   2019-07-28

Did you know that if a woman has too many babies pop of her hoochie, the inner lining stretches and protrudes of the ja-vay-vay?

8 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 18 Röster ,1.35 Resultat
rocky50504 56 M
8  Artiklar
how many times do you ask the other person a million questions before you go out on a date   2019-07-25

How many times do you ask questions to some one before you will go out with them let me know

4 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
Points please   2019-07-24

Just here for points.

10 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 20 Röster ,5.81 Resultat
spurchise 36 M
5  Artiklar
Food or activity   2019-07-20

Best first date. Go out to eat go on adventures

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
DenverBoogieDown 35 M
6  Artiklar
Points   2019-07-17


0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
Gingerroot82 42 M
3  Artiklar
First date or third date   2019-07-08

So growing up you had to wait till your third date before you tried to have sex with the person you were seeing. But now it seems the first date is acceptable to try and get in them. Anyone else seen this trend?

2 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 2 Röster ,0.34 Resultat
duke982000 55 M
21  Artiklar
sex   2019-07-08

Is any one getting any ?

7 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 22 Röster ,3.01 Resultat
a1exx111 29 M
5  Artiklar
What you think?   2019-06-12

Is going to the movies considered a good date choice?

11 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.24 Resultat
a1exx111 29 M
5  Artiklar
What you think?   2019-06-12

Is going to the movies considered a good date choice?

6 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.33 Resultat
Mrmagnum1973 41 M
21  Artiklar
How many   2019-06-10

Easy on sight fucking with a stranger opposite sex not same sex

9 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 35 Röster ,2.18 Resultat
Darksky7777 26 M
5  Artiklar
Why do we date   2019-06-09

Why do we need to date?

4 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 22 Röster ,2.05 Resultat
points   2019-06-09

need more points.

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
dess36 53 M
180  Artiklar
gifs extre   2019-06-02

I am very exhibitionist and morbid, look, use my images it excites me a lot to show me....

15 Kommentarer, 152 Besök, 18 Röster ,0.67 Resultat
MFMpleaseNow 39 M
5  Artiklar
whats the best SECOND date   2019-05-08

first is overrated!

7 Kommentarer, 66 Besök, 44 Röster ,1.97 Resultat
Geronimo7607 47 M
4  Artiklar
Isuckinf toes   2019-05-05

You suck toes

1 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 23 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
Hungandready2305 36 M
7  Artiklar
Love vs sex   2019-05-01

Are you looking for love or sex

9 Kommentarer, 75 Besök, 37 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
Scott891101 45 M
3  Artiklar
Dating Personality Quiz   2019-04-28

-You're a kickin' house party. Who are you hanging with? *You stick with your friends *Mingle of course! *Er... House parties? What are those? * Make a move on the hottest person there <br><br> -How would you describe your appearance? *Too sexy for you! *Bring your paper bag, you'll need it. * attractive *I... have a good ...

5 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 45 Röster ,1.77 Resultat
What do you like   2019-04-22

1. Flowers 2. Candy 3. Music 4. Surprise destination 5. One and done 6. Secret flings <br><br> What do you like??

8 Kommentarer, 70 Besök, 43 Röster ,2.33 Resultat
bobbred1998 52 M
1  Artikel
How many people have sex on the first date?   2019-04-17

Just curious how many people have sex on the first date?

26 Kommentarer, 249 Besök, 116 Röster ,1.85 Resultat
Smalltownfun024 48 P
1  Artikel
Younger or older??   2019-04-10

A.question that comes up a lot is do you favor older men or younger men? Same question for the ladies? We have experienced both and we have usually go with younger or same age.we are in our 40s

2 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
Point   2019-04-06

Point point point point point point point point

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.07 Resultat
Tonytonitone70 49 M
4  Artiklar
Points   2019-04-03

Points points points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
derenzolo 22 M
1  Artikel
So   2019-03-30

Are the girls real?

9 Kommentarer, 70 Besök, 32 Röster ,0.61 Resultat
bi or gay??   2019-03-24

so if you had a choice would you bi or just gay?

13 Kommentarer, 93 Besök, 47 Röster ,2.10 Resultat
Hey there   2019-03-22

How you doing

2 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 27 Röster ,0.51 Resultat
adult_themed 51 M
5  Artiklar
Type of woman   2019-03-16

Which type of woman do we like most: <br><br> Blondes <br><br> Redheads <br><br> Brunettes

14 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.87 Resultat
Points   2019-03-14

Here for the points.

2 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
69ChicagoFunGuy 51 M
8  Artiklar
Tell us what you like ...   2019-03-05

Boxers or briefs? <br><br> Kiss where to make you melt? <br><br> Favorite position? <br><br> Height preference for your partner? <br><br> What do you like whispered in your ear in the heat of passion? <br><br> How many partners (total) have you had in your life? <br><br> How many partners have you had in one setting? ...

5 Kommentarer, 67 Besök, 44 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
humpngrind67 56 M
1  Artikel
Deal Breakers   2019-02-24

Gay or Bi men. Are you willing to fuck with someone who is partnered and in an open relationship? If not what holds you back? <br><br> a. Not looking for trouble <br><br> b. Afraid of three ways <br><br> c. Need to find a guy and don't need the frustration <br><br> d. All of the Above

12 Kommentarer, 101 Besök, 38 Röster ,1.83 Resultat
sexaddictdon 67 M
31  Artiklar
What is the best site for real sex partners .. fewest scammers   2019-02-22

What web site is the easiest to use and has the highest of real partners and the lowest of active scammers? This, I’m sure is a question many adults who are active online ask themselves.

Those of us who have enjoyed the depth of pleasures and also the wasted time and bs being online (yes I have experienced both). 1.AdultFriendFinder / Swingers Space ...
2. Ashley Madison
3. Badoo
4. ...

22 Kommentarer, 214 Besök, 80 Röster ,3.87 Resultat
protestant8104 42 M
10  Artiklar
Points   2019-02-17

Just doing it for the points.

7 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 44 Röster ,2.57 Resultat
Ladies, Can You Share Examples of When You Hit On Men And They Were Clueless?   2019-02-16

Like, how often do you flirt with men you're interested in and it just fails? And they're unaware you're hitting on them. <br><br> ​ <br><br> What do you usually do that you feel most men don't pick up on?

6 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.85 Resultat
GuavaJuce 31 M
1  Artikel
POINTTSS   2019-02-15

This is so stupid for just a couple points XD

8 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 27 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
Alakabam92 31 M
9  Artiklar
Points   2019-02-14

Just here for the points

4 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 25 Röster ,2.69 Resultat
points   2019-02-04

doing it for the points

1 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.95 Resultat
A Quiz for You   2019-01-21

How many people on here are here for points? Reply yes or no

25 Kommentarer, 144 Besök, 66 Röster ,3.88 Resultat
points   2019-01-16

doing it for the points points points points points

4 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 9 Röster ,4.49 Resultat
Memphisfunguy 46 M
1  Artikel
Who should pay on the first date?   2019-01-10

1. Man <br><br> 2. Woman <br><br> 3. Dutch

15 Kommentarer, 87 Besök, 39 Röster ,3.40 Resultat
Here1foragoodtim 32 M
5  Artiklar
points   2019-01-08

doing it for more points

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 1 Röster
AlinaWells001 29 K
2  Artiklar
✨🍭SweetSexy❤️ AVAILABLE ALL NIGHT😘302-865-5408   2019-01-08

I'm a pretty sexy girl looking to hookup and have some fun..I'm never and a rush I have the best sloppy toppy and also the very best anal solet's hookup and have some fun now To prove you are real text me >>>302-865-5408 bot's are not allowed...... ...

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 1 Röster
Somenewbbc 38 M
9  Artiklar
Normal   2018-12-21

Im tired of normal sex

10 Kommentarer, 75 Besök, 39 Röster ,1.85 Resultat
darkqwest9 24 M
2  Artiklar
Stamina or experience?   2018-11-20

I'll do one for the ladies. Ladies, what do you prefer better a young dick that could go all night or an older man with experience?

0 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.36 Resultat
Points Farming   2018-10-31

Do most people just post an article to get the points? It looks at way to me which is why I decided to post this myself! Gotta get those points!!!!

24 Kommentarer, 162 Besök, 90 Röster ,5.02 Resultat
darkqwest9 24 M
2  Artiklar
Young pussy or more experienced pussy?   2018-10-22

What suits you guys better? Young tight pussy? Or older more experienced pussy? Since still young, I want more experienced pussy to teach me a few things.

22 Kommentarer, 164 Besök, 50 Röster ,4.03 Resultat
nlvjoe3 44 M
6  Artiklar
Overall hook ups   2018-10-16

What is the most amount of hook ups anybody has had via AdultFriendFinder

27 Kommentarer, 220 Besök, 116 Röster ,3.09 Resultat
thickdicklydaddy 37 M
5  Artiklar
Dicks - They come in all shapes, curvatures, and sizes. What's your favorite?   2018-10-13

Thick, long, short, skinny, what's your favorite type?

9 Kommentarer, 125 Besök, 57 Röster ,2.68 Resultat
mafunguy2017 38 M
6  Artiklar
first date sex   2018-10-10

ladies, what makes you want to fuck a guy on the first date?

13 Kommentarer, 157 Besök, 69 Röster ,3.60 Resultat
what is most important on first date?   2018-09-21

kissing? <br><br> conversation? <br><br> attraction?

13 Kommentarer, 133 Besök, 71 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
Spit or swallow   2018-09-06

Spit or swallow on the fisrt date/meet??

16 Kommentarer, 135 Besök, 61 Röster ,3.77 Resultat
SteveO9771 47 M
14  Artiklar
Does anyone know   2018-09-01

Is there a site like this that doesn't make you do crazy stuff for points?

8 Kommentarer, 76 Besök, 45 Röster ,3.38 Resultat
High sex drive   2018-09-01

Do you want a woman with a high sex drive?

10 Kommentarer, 78 Besök, 42 Röster ,4.70 Resultat
Wantdaddy6 34 M
9  Artiklar
What is the true attaction   2018-09-01

Is it the face the body the personality or the cock

9 Kommentarer, 101 Besök, 49 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Trimmed or shaved cocks   2018-08-28

Do women prefer shaved, trimmed or natural cocks?

12 Kommentarer, 149 Besök, 73 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
Wvcpltryn2018 50 P
1  Artikel
Dating quiz   2018-08-24

GQ magazine

12 Kommentarer, 188 Besök, 67 Röster ,2.32 Resultat
jdog0785 40 M
5  Artiklar
Back to Belly?   2018-08-23

Do most women like being licked from their back to their belly? I've had a lot of chicks that think it's hot as fuck for me to go down on them and lick from the pussy down to the asshole and back up again

7 Kommentarer, 84 Besök, 57 Röster ,3.10 Resultat
do women like big??   2018-07-31

do women like big or is it all talk??

12 Kommentarer, 92 Besök, 37 Röster ,2.81 Resultat
grtinthesack88 36 M
3  Artiklar
Are a you a sub, a dom or a switch   2018-07-28

Just trying to see what is most common. I feel like sub is most common myself. I'm a switch

4 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.27 Resultat
Gail_nCuckie 35 P
4  Artiklar
Some good fucking on a date   2018-07-27

So, what are you doing about this???

2 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Chat rooms   2018-07-16

Does anyone else picture everyone that is chatting sitting around naked? I do and it's fun

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 5 Röster ,0.53 Resultat
johnny481111 42 M
4  Artiklar
How far on the first date   2018-07-15

What do you expect on a first date?

7 Kommentarer, 84 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.16 Resultat
Choker76 45 M
2  Artiklar
Spit or Swallow   2018-07-13

The first time my GF gives me a BJ - should I expect her to swallow?

11 Kommentarer, 101 Besök, 39 Röster ,3.32 Resultat
VATryst 50 M
1  Artikel
Women that like to be in control?   2018-06-25

It's my impression that a small percentage of women actually like to be in control during a sexual encounter. And among those that do, most actually want to give up control and have the male be more dominant once things get hot and heavy. I'm wondering if other think this is pretty much true?

9 Kommentarer, 91 Besök, 52 Röster ,2.84 Resultat
Are People Really Here to Play?   2018-06-22

I sometimes wonder if people are really here to play. I have met a few off and on but they a few and far between. Most girls on here either wont answer or wont show when its time to meet. It just makes me wonder why people are so mean. Has anyone else had Bad experiences ???

16 Kommentarer, 126 Besök, 58 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
gfmale82 36 M
2  Artiklar
Dating   2018-06-11

Who dates anymore? Don't most people just fuck instead.

8 Kommentarer, 58 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.72 Resultat
JFactor415 37 M
4  Artiklar

Who has gone on a date where you didn't know where it was going and it ended up being the best thing in the world? <br><br> <br><br> Still looking for it and knowing its out there! Please help me!

8 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 23 Röster ,4.41 Resultat
Bigtitlover86x 32 M
8  Artiklar
It's for the point   2018-05-15

Yo, comment for some points, because it's obviously for them!

23 Kommentarer, 105 Besök, 49 Röster ,4.25 Resultat
PKDK1969 54 P
3  Artiklar
Sex site   2018-05-13

Being a sex site, does everyone expect sex on first dates? <br><br> Is there people here who prefer to form a connection first before the bedroom dancing begins?

31 Kommentarer, 324 Besök, 165 Röster ,3.51 Resultat
PKDK1969 54 P
3  Artiklar
Unicorns   2018-05-06

Why are females who have sex with couples called unicorns. <br><br> Surely it can't be because they are mythical beasts? <br><br> Or is it just the mythical part meaning they don't exist, talked about but never to be found. <br><br> In all seriousness, what is the foundation of being labelled as such, where did it originate from.

9 Kommentarer, 125 Besök, 50 Röster ,3.83 Resultat
0ralProvider 41 M
5  Artiklar
Cut or Uncut   2018-05-06

Would you consider letting someone ou know or are interested in that you are cut or uncut (given they haven't seen your junk)

7 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 44 Röster ,3.75 Resultat
Gentlelover462 47 M
1  Artikel
Dosand don'ts   2018-05-03

It's 2018 let see where everyone is in there dating do and don't. Back in the 70's and 80's it was not approved to have sex on the first date. What do you think now.

7 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
Anyone do quizzes   2018-04-23

Does anyone do quizzes on here?

8 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 31 Röster ,3.24 Resultat
Bigtitlover88x 35 M
1  Artikel
It's for the points   2018-04-16

It's just for the points

10 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.01 Resultat
flicker3210 35 M
4  Artiklar
Beauties on lookout.   2018-04-11

There are so many beautiful girls and ladies out here. Both single and married. When beauties are on a lookout, what is the most common and most appealing quality that you notice.

1 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.44 Resultat
Vanessa0829 38 T
1  Artikel
dating   2018-04-03

Photo/Icon (optional) Put [image] where you want the uploaded photo displayed within your article post. If you do not position your photo, then it will replace your article’s main photo (or silhouette).

1 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.64 Resultat
Hornyteenmummy 21 K
1  Artikel
So many different sex ways   2018-03-26

So tell me what type sex gets you all hot and bothered? I mean there is so many... -rough -kinky -sweet -loving -hatful -crazy -wild -dirty -freaky -creepy -playful -soft -weird So tell me in detail the type of sex that is your favourite 💕

19 Kommentarer, 122 Besök, 56 Röster ,4.13 Resultat
kavemanrlz 57 M
11  Artiklar
just a couple quick questins about dating.woman first.   2018-03-21

1. how come you say you don't want sex on the first date then meet me and your all over me and get me really worked up, how many go all the way? 2. how come you say you want sex so bad that your bursting, so ask me to get right over, to find out you want to go for dinner movie drinks then sex, why is that? 3.why do you say you don't like cyber and I turn on members cams playing away, why ...

0 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.38 Resultat
quiz   2018-03-18

You're at a kickin' house party. Who are you hanging out with? You stick with your friends Mingle of course! Er... House parties? What are those? Make a move on the hottest person there How would you describe your appearance? Too sexy for you! Bring your paper bag, you'll need it. I'm attractive I... have a good ...

1 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.38 Resultat
nichlasm21 28 M
1  Artikel
The Kinkiest Oral Sex   2018-03-13

What's the most kinkiest and enjoyable oral sex position/experience you've ever had?

6 Kommentarer, 63 Besök, 31 Röster ,1.71 Resultat
older white guys and black women   2018-03-10

hi, are black women into older white guys?

2 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 20 Röster ,1.72 Resultat
lickherclit6969 43 M
5  Artiklar
Question   2018-02-22

Does any even read these? Please tell me!!

7 Kommentarer, 89 Besök, 37 Röster ,4.93 Resultat
Chocl8Dr0p 43 K
2  Artiklar
Intimidated much?   2018-02-19

Are men really sometimes too intimidated to approach women? If so, why is this? I’ve had men that really showed interest in me on our initial interactions only to flirt but not pursue anything past friendship. Making me question if I misread the interest from the beginning. There is no misreading being at a dating mixer and having someone intercept and block all other advances from the other ...

17 Kommentarer, 138 Besök, 58 Röster ,4.75 Resultat
Tmntrulez86 37 M
7  Artiklar
It's for the points.   2018-02-12

It's just actually for the points entirely, don't even read this.

7 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 31 Röster ,5.35 Resultat
what is the age limit women like for dating/friendship?   2018-02-11

what is the age limit for the men, women like for dating/friendship?

11 Kommentarer, 96 Besök, 44 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
Do women really know if they will fuck you with in 2 mins?   2018-01-20

title says it all. Just wondering if that is true. Is the die cast right away, and you cannot recover? <br><br> Or are women not sure for a long time? <br><br> I have found that the women I have met, were OK with fucking me within a few mins of chatting.

15 Kommentarer, 149 Besök, 40 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
HotOhioAthlete 44 M
1  Artikel
Butt stuff   2017-12-31

Can girls / guys really come from anal alone?

13 Kommentarer, 119 Besök, 54 Röster ,4.67 Resultat
Mature women?   2017-12-13

What is one thing mature ladies would find attractive in a younger man?

8 Kommentarer, 106 Besök, 61 Röster ,3.83 Resultat
AmrysexD 28 M
3  Artiklar
I Have an issue why does people here dont awnser to you   2017-11-26

One of the problems i have found around is that there are some people (womans) that dont reply even a hello for me it would be better if they at least replied and told me i am not their type or something cuz i lose time and i really want to find someone that is compatible with me

12 Kommentarer, 111 Besök, 53 Röster ,4.50 Resultat
bishaved7in 62 M
3  Artiklar
Watching   2017-11-26

I’ve always been courius about how many women like to watch two guys playing with eachother? In my experience more than half of the women I’ve been with love it. I’d love to hear women’s thoughts on this. Thanks

2 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.33 Resultat
young women older men   2017-11-23

women who like older men are you looking for one nite stand LTR or just a sugar Daddy

10 Kommentarer, 97 Besök, 49 Röster ,2.62 Resultat
Rblazer6100 61 M
1  Artikel
Fakes   2017-11-18

Is it just me or what. Seems to me they are a lot of fakes on here or just here to get off and not really wanting to hook up. Is it just me or what?

8 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 39 Röster ,4.21 Resultat
ricky56421 37 M
3  Artiklar
dating quiz or sex quiz   2017-11-12

how about sex quiz ask a question about sex and let them wrong and start to torm her or his clothes one by one. ?

4 Kommentarer, 82 Besök, 37 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
quizzzz   2017-11-06

looking for the right woman or mature. i like mature woman they are funner and they are sooo experience in sex and soo much fun i like coming to this site because you get to meet so many people from all oround the state and you get to become friend with is the most important thing in a friendship. i like this site and i like to keep meeting new people

1 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.01 Resultat
look4fun4433 36 M
6  Artiklar
How Many?   2017-11-03

Have you ever actually hooked up on this site? Was it just a one night or more? Was it straight sex or kinky? Please reply with your answers.

13 Kommentarer, 93 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.51 Resultat
look4fun4433 36 M
6  Artiklar
Rate Please!!   2017-10-25

What do you look for first in a fwb? Last?

2 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.59 Resultat
HypeGiant4 35 M
6  Artiklar
Petite girls   2017-10-23

Who else has weak spot for small/petite girls?

3 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.62 Resultat
LifeIsTooThick 44 M
5  Artiklar
FWB - How long does it last?   2017-10-20

I wonder how often your typical FWB situation tends to last. Weeks, months, years? Usually one person decides they're done with it for one reason or another and moves on. Sometimes they come back for more. I'd guess most situations are an on again off again situation. What are your experiences?

3 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.87 Resultat
yesyou2015 54 M
3  Artiklar
Do you go halves in the bill?   2017-09-29

I was bought up if you ask someone out (lady) you foot the bill totally. The problem arises when the woman demands she pays the whole bill after a lot of debate (30mins) I said we would split it which lead to another debate. In the end I gave in saving a lot of headaches but it still didn't sit right with me... <br><br> Thoughts??

7 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
The fish.   2017-09-17

She can have the work and hi, too.Leaving a sense of here.A money to render.A support in cash.

2 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.20 Resultat
curiousfun2200 32 M
1  Artikel
Yes or No   2017-09-15

Date an older woman or no?

17 Kommentarer, 82 Besök, 37 Röster ,4.68 Resultat
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
The fish.   2017-09-13

Can a life bring history to change., allowing participation to equate.

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.61 Resultat
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
The fish.   2017-09-13

Can I ever get the answer not to fish.No.

2 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.19 Resultat
attraction   2017-08-30

What is the most attractive part of a woman? <br><br> 1) Her intelligence 2) Her body 3) Her sense of humor 4) Other

6 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 22 Röster ,4.33 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
failed   2017-08-23

hard quiz

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 10 Röster ,5.77 Resultat
hornynicky01 41 K
3  Artiklar
One night stands v sex in relationship   2017-08-21

I find that every time I've had a one night stand that was OBVIOUSLY only gonna be a one night stand, the guy tends to go pretty wild. I mean fucking me hard and rough. Even though I've clearly given consent, I've usually found myself pinned down and being aggressively fucked from behind, fucked on kitchen floor and stuff.

Honestly, I prefer that kind of sex to in a relationship when the ...

29 Kommentarer, 174 Besök, 44 Röster ,5.39 Resultat
How many woman have actually met a man on here   2017-08-13

There is a lot of men and woman on this site, but I wonder how many actually meet the ones they say they will? A lot of sex is talked about and wanted, of course sex is the main topic but how many dare to meet a perfect stranger?

8 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 26 Röster ,4.75 Resultat
totalreelielitt 40 M
4  Artiklar
On the both sided Joy of love and sex I need atrue soldier of five differential points of.....   2017-08-11

As you, may, or, may not, know, I, do like to see a good fella be a gentleman and a good jester from time , and so...

He doesn't need to work a gambit of torture but he does need to get along with me.

If, I, can't, find a way, to "feel comfortable" with him, then, maybe, I look, elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong, I, like, to be open, about, your perspective, and, I, take ...

0 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.09 Resultat
bigboystwo2 53 M
11  Artiklar
please bathe before meeting   2017-07-24

that's not always a question, but a known smelly fact. lol

3 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 15 Röster ,4.36 Resultat
Friends, sex with friends, or dating?   2017-07-08

Are full blown relationships even real these days. Seems to be so many single people who enjoy their own company, and therefore only look for a bit of fun every now and then. Is that how it is now? work, travel, and sleep with however you like? I guess it's not a bad thing

3 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.37 Resultat
KoKo50155 28 M
6  Artiklar
opssssssssssss   2017-07-04

0 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.21 Resultat
Started as him wanting to watch...   2017-06-25

Anyone ever been in this scenario? Hooked up with a couple for a hotel threesome. This was overseas while on vacation so I thought why not. He was A LOT older and very very experienced with the whole threesome thing. Definitely a hedonist. She was super cute, very quite asian woman. He was totally into her sucking me and then me fucking her (he particularly wanted me to do doggy). It was ...

5 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 20 Röster ,4.53 Resultat
taking a girl out   2017-06-16

first of all. you have to find someone that like you the same way you like them. and just be yourself how you are is what they going to like about you . take them out on a nice dinner if you really like someone. or out on a walk to the park something where is quiet and fun. don t talk about yourself like you are big shit. always listen and go along with there story and take a walk to get to know ...

1 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.84 Resultat
hoters40 46 M
5  Artiklar
.....   2017-06-15

hot body

1 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.29 Resultat
joebobtinycock 42 M
4  Artiklar
small cocks   2017-06-09

hello my name is jason i have a really small cock ok lol

2 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.39 Resultat
Sultan0fLust 50 M
2  Artiklar
Which lover do you get the hots for??   2017-06-07

I'll keep it physical since the non-physical is a can of philosophical content. For you girls and guys, which kind of lover do you like ?

Guys, do you like your woman: 1-athletic with just enough feminine bits to turn you on 2-chunky and curves all around 3- big ass over big boobs 4-big boobs over big ass 5-thin/androgynous body with tiniest bits 6-shorter or taller than you 7-any of the ...

6 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.08 Resultat
Romerotonya76 58 P
2  Artiklar
Why is the wifes always the first to break the rules   2017-04-29

First of all I'm going to tell you all I'm not the jealous type I love to see my wife get fuck by other man and the only way I could get sex and a bj is to find other men to play with but lately I been seeing some changes in her Behavior and how she been treating them like there the only guys on Earth and lately she doesn't even give sex or bj or a kissi and been having a threesome with this ...

10 Kommentarer, 168 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.45 Resultat
m21sissypriya 22 T
2  Artiklar
fish   2017-03-31

how to date 10 girls at same time

8 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 27 Röster ,1.56 Resultat
Oral   2017-03-09

Take it? Leave it? Thats all I want?

9 Kommentarer, 63 Besök, 26 Röster ,5.18 Resultat
friendlyforeig2 44 M
6  Artiklar
how far on the first date?   2017-03-05

tekk me, how far do you girls go on a first date....

11 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 26 Röster ,4.10 Resultat
one night into dating   2017-02-20

I would how many on here have had a one night stand turn into dating?

12 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.93 Resultat
erotic stories   2017-02-11

Tell me some crazy sex stories you guys have encountered off of this website!

5 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
daveb19827 35 M
9  Artiklar
Babestation   2017-01-16

Who else likes watching babestation? And who is your favourite?

1 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.58 Resultat
mrMcanasty1 26 M
1  Artikel
Random title   2017-01-11

random body

2 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
Romerotonya76 58 P
2  Artiklar
Every woman and men have secrets that they hide from each other   2017-01-05

I tell my wife all my secrets and fansty but when it her turn she wont say a word or i ask her what is her sexys secrets she tell me some shit something i ask about how she feel when she fucking another man or if she dream about them so I though after 23 year of married. We should have trust so you think I should leave well alone

12 Kommentarer, 108 Besök, 29 Röster ,4.64 Resultat
ballzdeep1992 27 M
11  Artiklar
Fuck Marry Kill lol   2016-11-05

Luke Chewbacca Yoda. Ash Brock misty. Dog cat guinea pig lol. Harry Hermione Ronald Weasley. Optimus prime starscream Megatron. Really any 3 items an your golden to fuck one marry one kill one. Spongebob Patrick squidwards ghost. My random ass nonsense hahah!

5 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.37 Resultat
NateLola 31 P
1  Artikel
should u or not   2016-10-08

1. If you could have sex with someone famous, alive or dead, who would it be?

2. What is your favorite sex game?

3. Describe yourself in a single word.

4. Describe me in a single word.

5. Would you go sex toy or Lingerie will you go with me?

6. Another girl hits on you in front of me how do u go about telling her we r looking for a 3rd ?

7. ...

8 Kommentarer, 114 Besök, 36 Röster ,3.15 Resultat
btomms6 43 M
6  Artiklar
sisters friend   2016-09-26

is it ok to have fun with a sisters really good friend? not sure how she will take it, not sure if it will ever happen again but it was really fun.

17 Kommentarer, 125 Besök, 35 Röster ,4.65 Resultat
Again   2016-09-09

New chats today reveals that AdultFriendFinder again put out so many fake profiles. Beware of stories about this and that- where you are asked to donate money.


3 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 17 Röster ,4.68 Resultat
Question   2016-08-26

Do not Ask how many partners your AdultFriendFinder date has had... You may not like the answer.

13 Kommentarer, 97 Besök, 26 Röster ,4.10 Resultat
steph972211 24 K
1  Artikel
ideal first date   2016-08-21

my ideal first date is : i go to your home we stay relax we watch movies do some kitchen we laught and after with have sex with or not penetration but we hate to test before use for long time hihihi

10 Kommentarer, 85 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.61 Resultat
under33needed 39 M
3  Artiklar
q1   2016-08-14

why do chick have to cum more than guys

5 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
bighittr24 33 M
3  Artiklar
ideal first date.   2016-08-14

Women or men any advise on what's a ideal first date is it better to do a quick meet and greet over drinks or just dinner. Maybe a concert or a show if so dinner before after.. I'm sorry I'm not dinner and a movie type of guy. Please leave ur input

4 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
Funcock702 45 M
1  Artikel
is female squirting pee   2016-07-10

yes i would like to know if a female squiets is it really pee

24 Kommentarer, 190 Besök, 39 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
soco673183 35 M
1  Artikel
Sex ACT Questions   2016-06-12

Everyone should give their best answers: *These are factually correct, done by numerous surveys

1) Of the males that watch, what is their favorite porn position? A) Doggystyle Missionary C) Anal D) Reverse Cowgirl

2) Where do most females that squirt receive sensation from? A) Butt Clitoris C) Breasts D) Pussy

3) True/False: Do over 90% of ...

6 Kommentarer, 143 Besök, 31 Röster ,4.97 Resultat
sweetie6106 31 K
1  Artikel
Just intrested to no more??   2016-05-10

Iv been on this site for a while now.. chatted to many nice people on here, an think its a lot of fun!! iv have met lots of very interesting people, so far iv met up with one very gorgeous sexy lady.. an believe me that waz fun!! ?* I loved every min of it, I'm looking forward to the next time i meet up with some one. . getting excited now just thinking about it! but can I ask how many of u ...

21 Kommentarer, 235 Besök, 79 Röster ,5.61 Resultat
Who can decipher this pun?   2016-05-09

Would like to interact with any women who can solve this pun.

2 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.19 Resultat
Jayenj1 53 M
10  Artiklar
on the fence   2016-05-06

When dating someone that borderline about their sexuality, do you think that it is fair for them to disclose if they are sexually active with men and woman but do not consider themselves homosexual. Would you continue to date them if this information came out later?

2 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.19 Resultat
tips on how you can better your dates   2016-04-04

How would you better your dates

3 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
27  Artiklar


NOTE: This application will be incomplete and rejected unless accompanied by a complete financial statement, job history, lineage, and current medical report from your doctor.

NAME_____________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH_____________

HEIGHT___________ WEIGHT____________ IQ__________ GPA_____________


7 Kommentarer, 94 Besök, 30 Röster ,3.63 Resultat
Are you a dick?   2016-01-01

My definition of a dick is "Someone who doesn't care about other's feelings". Below are some examples of what a dick does. Let's see how much of a DICK you are.

1) Do you lie to a potential sex partner just to get in their pants? 2) Do you cheat on your significant other? 3) Do you flirt with others in front of your significant other? 4) Do you brag on yourself ...

41 Kommentarer, 378 Besök, 133 Röster ,2.97 Resultat
Livinglife2105 27 M
3  Artiklar
Have you done?   2015-12-13

What's the strangest thing you have done with ur sex partner up his or her requests, ? I partied with my fwb was doing coke out of her asshole then dick dick her done for hours lol.

5 Kommentarer, 113 Besök, 27 Röster ,3.98 Resultat
tokeyjebus 33 M
5  Artiklar
std oral?   2015-10-19

can stds be passed oraly???? if so that takes a lot of fun outta it, i mean really who'd want to be licking or sucking on rubber

17 Kommentarer, 269 Besök, 121 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

9 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

4 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.08 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

3 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.28 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

1 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

1 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 2 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

0 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

0 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 0 Röster
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.30 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Not just for these ppl here, but in a social setting, is a condom always necessary?

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 0 Röster
LeannanLuiDraico 51 K
0  Artiklar
What Sexual Personality Are You.   2015-07-05

Just pick one answer out of these questions. Have fun with it. 1. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to having sex with your desired partner, you: Mind-blowing, sweet and sensual sex WHIPS AND HANDCUFFS, BABY! Or some other idea that involves pain Sex.... what's sex? Sex with an orchestra playing in the background. You know, the kind in romantic movies. Well, I'm not exactly ...

17 Kommentarer, 257 Besök, 50 Röster ,3.83 Resultat
Reddyramkrishna 35 M
3  Artiklar
How i can get back her.   2015-05-07

 By Reddyramkrishna 27 M2  Articles  | View my blog | Edit | Delete Question6/5/20156 1 1Dear i m working in military with a lot of acheivements.I hv a lot of acheivements in my name Youngest most decorated army officer But during variois operations i got serioisly injuredbt by go grace i survivedeven in llatest operation dr. Leftthe hope of my survival bt i again cm out frm death Bt ...

9 Kommentarer, 94 Besök, 41 Röster
Losing Virginity   2015-04-03

Having sex for the first time is an amazing experience for anyone.It then opens the doors for exploring new possibilities. Do you remember the first time that you had sex , what age was it and how did it happen? Eager to know the stories from everyone.

17 Kommentarer, 269 Besök, 137 Röster ,3.38 Resultat
dating   2015-03-21

how u like to meer ur girlfriend?

8 Kommentarer, 102 Besök, 42 Röster ,3.08 Resultat
AtlantaZo 49 M
10  Artiklar
what a good quiz   2015-02-04

what would be a good quiz could your quiz be just only touching and no talking

5 Kommentarer, 120 Besök, 67 Röster ,3.15 Resultat
rm_sweetnessb44 59 P
1  Artikel
Good Intentions   2014-12-02

Why are people so anxious to tell you want to do on this site. We have never posted pictures or completed filling out our profile. We came on here to meet one or two couples and that's just what we've done. Sure we traded pics between ourselves just prior to meeting. We always get told to add some pics and do our profile. "We came, we saw, we conquered. " So why should we do all that work?

17 Kommentarer, 352 Besök, 212 Röster ,3.23 Resultat
rm_right12c 52 P
10  Artiklar
dating quiz   2014-11-30

We played with a couple that were nudists and they were very quick to get naked and seemed very comfortable being naked but them sure were not comfortable having sex. When we asked if there was anything wrong they said no. They also said that being nudist had nothing to do with sex it was more an expression of being free. How can being naked not have anything to do with sex?

21 Kommentarer, 324 Besök, 123 Röster ,3.26 Resultat
rbbdstud 71 M
17  Artiklar
Two or more on your dick   2014-11-19

Have you ever enjoyed the great pleasure of two or more persons sucking kissing licking devouring your dick working to bring you to full eruption .There is nothing like it pure pleasure and delight try it if you can yummmmmmmmmmmm

22 Kommentarer, 218 Besök, 90 Röster ,4.24 Resultat
picouple2o7 63 P
11  Artiklar
How many   2014-11-13

What percentage of the female profiles on this site are real?

33 Kommentarer, 345 Besök, 147 Röster ,3.76 Resultat
rmjennied20 37 P
10  Artiklar
Average   2014-11-04

What's the average number of profiles you need to contact to make one successful meeting?

36 Kommentarer, 357 Besök, 133 Röster ,4.68 Resultat
t4girlplay 42 K
10  Artiklar
Dates   2014-11-03

What's the most times you met someone on here before you had intercourse with them?

30 Kommentarer, 380 Besök, 159 Röster ,4.65 Resultat
rm_theetmj1515 33 M
10  Artiklar
older women   2014-10-31

looking for older women

13 Kommentarer, 120 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
twomuchfu 64 P
11  Artiklar
T-girls   2014-10-27

If you have sex with a t-girl did you do it with a woman or a guy?

13 Kommentarer, 228 Besök, 86 Röster ,3.45 Resultat
rm_joe57153 50 P
3  Artiklar
FWB   2014-10-18

Have you met anyone on here that you continued a relationship with? If so how long did it last?

19 Kommentarer, 245 Besök, 100 Röster ,4.12 Resultat
hotcpl2007 48 P
1  Artikel
What's better?   2014-10-16

Sex with the lights on or off.

43 Kommentarer, 233 Besök, 96 Röster ,4.35 Resultat
Wbeach2012 44 M
2  Artiklar
Change gender   2014-10-04

If you could change gender for 24 hours, would you?

What would you do first once you've changed?

18 Kommentarer, 152 Besök, 45 Röster ,4.25 Resultat
MrNMrsSweet 41 P
1  Artikel
Kinky or not...?   2014-09-29

What is the most outrageous/kinky thing you have done (solo or with a partner)?

18 Kommentarer, 221 Besök, 64 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
Sexual attraction   2014-09-25

Sexual attraction is attraction on the basis of sexual desire or the quality of arousing such interest.The attraction may be to a person's looks or movements or to their voice or smell, besides other factors. The attraction may be enhanced by a person's adornments, clothing, perfume, hair length and style, and anything else which can attract the sexual interest of another person.

6 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 13 Röster ,4.49 Resultat
Wow   2014-09-11

i don't even know what this category means lol. Dating Quiz? Are those in magazines where women tell you what men are thinking. As if a woman is qualified for such things lol lol.

4 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 7 Röster ,5.08 Resultat
sweetboi1234 28 M
10  Artiklar
facts   2014-09-04

K wen dating questions come to hand wat r u looking for, do u think d individual wants to date u, wat r ur tricks in dating wat r some places u go on a date

2 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.79 Resultat
How Important is Friendship....   2014-08-30

How important is being friends with some one before You have sex with them?

19 Kommentarer, 92 Besök, 13 Röster ,4.32 Resultat
josejd69 31 M
2  Artiklar
how to message a girl   2014-08-12

sorry if this is the wrong category

how to message a girl from IM ??

from experience just a few girls replay back when I send a polite message like "hello" "how are you" or "hows your day going"

whats the message I need to send so the girl message me back ?

I need to send a dirty message or be rude ?

6 Kommentarer, 134 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.16 Resultat
lovestolick61938 39 M
7  Artiklar
quiz   2014-06-23

what do you think of quizzes like these

You stick with your friends Mingle of course! Er... House parties? What are those? Make a move on the hottest person there How would you describe your appearance? Too sexy for you! Bring your paper bag, you'll need it. I'm attractive I... have a good personality? Which of your physical features would you say people notice ...

3 Kommentarer, 168 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
AverageJoe7273 48 M
2  Artiklar
Simple Truths   2014-06-17

There are a few simple truths about hooking up and dating. No matter how different you may think that one is from the other, they are essentially the same in some respects. 1. Respect goes a long way, if you expect it from others then you should be willing to give it as well. 2. Don't beat around the bush when it comes to setting limits as to where things are going to go. 3. If you don't know ...

6 Kommentarer, 85 Besök, 25 Röster ,5.57 Resultat
Opposite Attract   2014-05-26

I loved women. I loved the way they smell, walk, talk & feel but I never dated outside my race. Why is that? If I say so myself I am a handsome guy. Do I intimidate someone outside my race or do they intimidate me. What can I do to date a White Woman, Asian Woman, or Hispanic Woman. Any Advice?

7 Kommentarer, 103 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.58 Resultat
3  Artiklar
Will You ...   2014-05-17

Will you fuck on the first date? Will you fuck in public? Will you fuck on camera? If you answered Yes to these questions .... You are a kinky individual and you should msg me ; ) Have you fucked more than 3 people at a time? Have you fucked in front of 3 or more people at a time? Have you fucked 3 or more different people in the same day? If You answered Yes to ANY of these three questions ...

36 Kommentarer, 345 Besök, 67 Röster ,7.14 Resultat
pogosticks2525 41 M
1  Artikel
Smiling is a great thing   2014-05-04

When u walk up to a lady/women no matter what they are color/size or age and you tell them

You dropped your smile 99% of the time they get a perma grin and u can get lucky

after that they

12 Kommentarer, 151 Besök, 22 Röster ,3.73 Resultat
and this is for?   2014-04-25

What the blue balls and sugar nuts is a dating quiz? what happened to just dating, we really need a quiz now?

7 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 13 Röster ,4.15 Resultat
ineedyounow55 58 K
9  Artiklar
Hard headed lover.   2014-02-05

I have been married to my husband for 36 years. Sex life was great until I started going through the change. I have a medical issue that does not allow me to take any replacement hormones so I have some issues with dryness.

My problem is my husband. He all of a sudden seems to always be in a hurry when it comes to sex.

I can and do provide him with plenty of foreplay, however he ...

31 Kommentarer, 343 Besök, 63 Röster ,4.85 Resultat
I'm in a predictament   2014-02-03

I've got a great girlfriend.

She lets me hang out with the guys one night a week.

She loves sex.

She's beautiful, sexy and has a nice body.

My problem?

She doesn't like to....actually refuses to give me blow jobs.

Yet, she loves oral sex and wants me to spend outs tongue-fucking her vagina with my long, thick tongue.

My issue? ...

31 Kommentarer, 426 Besök, 37 Röster ,4.25 Resultat
4  Artiklar
A Question for the Ladies and Gents....   2014-01-26

Do You find that the Old Sexual Double Standard of If Women Enjoy Sex and Fucking with a Variety of Partners, She's a Slut, but if a Man enjoys Sex and Fucking with a Variety of Partners, He's a Stud, still blatantly prevalent in this day and age....??

27 Kommentarer, 191 Besök, 37 Röster ,5.27 Resultat
annie444u 52 P
135  Artiklar
What Do You Wear on a First Date? Pants? A Long Dress? A Hot, Short Dress? What?   2014-01-23

Guys how do you want a girl to be dressed when you come to pick her up?

Do you want her dressed conservatively with a dress down below the knee?

Do you want her in a mini and revealing top?

Do you want her in a nice pants suit?

You want her to greet you at the door in jeans?

Girls want to know...Annie Wants to Know.

And girls, how do want the ...

22 Kommentarer, 211 Besök, 28 Röster ,5.29 Resultat
koolmanhot 36 M
1  Artikel
Would you Date the person in the above comment?   2013-10-15

Ok guys and girls this is pretty simple.. all you have to do is comment whether or not you would like to date the person in the comment just above yours i.e the latest one! Comment away : )

12 Kommentarer, 111 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
womanonfire0033 34 K
1  Artikel
Hi I'm a hot, horny, hottie looking for a man to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite. I love experi   2013-10-14

Hi I'm a hot, horny, hottie looking for a man to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite. I love experimenting in the bedroom and other places too. In fact the more sex the better as far as I'm concerned... any time, any place, any where... as the saying goes.

3 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 11 Röster ,5.97 Resultat
hey   2013-09-25

how many people have you dated on here in the last few months?

8 Kommentarer, 83 Besök, 20 Röster ,3.38 Resultat
does size matter   2013-08-18

why man more concern about his dick more than women

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.09 Resultat
Speed Of Sex!!   2013-04-29

Alot of people like a quickie, but others like to spend hours making their partner feel good with foreplay and sex..... My question to both men and women, what do you prefer?? A quickie or long passionate sex??

55 Kommentarer, 395 Besök, 69 Röster ,4.66 Resultat
reddy28121991 24 M
2  Artiklar
celebrity   2013-04-23

whom do u date if u had a chance with celebrity

10 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.39 Resultat
Favorite body type   2013-03-10

So when you go into shaping your body with fitness what body do you aim at?

- Bodybuilder - Model - General athletic but with a little fatty here and there - Skinny and ripped

I'd personally go for something between athletic and ripped and prefer woman on general good shape with a little fatty here and there.

14 Kommentarer, 124 Besök, 37 Röster ,3.58 Resultat
annie444u 52 P
135  Artiklar
Want to Get the Hottest Guys, Girls and Couples???   2013-02-02

Guys, Girls, Want to Learn How to Get Into Shape to Fuck?

How many of you are without a partner or do not have multiple partners to have sex with throughout the week?

Did you ever think that it was because you weren't physically fit?

Did you ever consider that by sacrificing just 10 hours a week you could be in fantastic shape.

I haven't seen too many plump ...

6 Kommentarer, 192 Besök, 31 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
dcrel123 42 M
10  Artiklar
What you dont like in date   2012-11-24

there may be thousands of thing that you like to hv with ur date. but r there any that you hate the most? plz name some here....

9 Kommentarer, 98 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
bigmoney22578 30 M
11  Artiklar
Date Quiz   2012-10-27

Why You Shouldnt Cheat In A Realtionship? Why You Should Be Faithful? Why You Should Treat Your Gf Right? Whats Better Than Sex?

3 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
LioldyfrPasedena 87 K
13  Artiklar
Quiz?   2012-10-19

Who needs a bunch of questions asked?

1 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
rm_maybehottie6 27 M
10  Artiklar
well what to do   2012-09-23

what to do when you are faced with a predicament to reject soeone

5 Kommentarer, 97 Besök, 13 Röster ,1.97 Resultat
rm_maybehottie8 27 M
10  Artiklar
points   2012-08-22

just trying to get points preiod

9 Kommentarer, 77 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.74 Resultat
rm_maybehottie8 27 M
10  Artiklar
be firm   2012-08-22

be yourself and not try to be in firm

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 2 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
rm_maybehottie8 27 M
10  Artiklar
jsut be yourself   2012-08-22

do not try to be someone else that yoi're not goonna ruin the date

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 5 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
rm_maybehottie8 27 M
10  Artiklar
quiz   2012-08-22

always be careful when on a date regardless

3 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.25 Resultat
nobody328 26 M
23  Artiklar


5 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.80 Resultat