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bohusgrabben 63 M
3  Artiklar
When ti give away your e-mai   2018-09-09

Have for a while had contact with a nice lady here om AdultFriendFinder. She keeps asking for my e-mail och cell number. I think she is sincere but her constant asking worries me. <br><br> IWhat shall I do. Take a rsik and submit the info, or shall I refuse and risk offending her?

1 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 0 Röster
G000dbuddy 36 M
23  Artiklar
Dating a control freak   2022-09-03

It starts innocently enough. At first you may be flattered and think that the first signs of control in your relationship are cute. Think again. Many women have had their lives turned upside down by a controlling man. Some women have had to escape their situations with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Never ignore signs of control in a relationship. To do so can be one of the most ...

2 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 1 Röster ,5.00 Resultat
hot date   2021-01-06

The first thing that you need to do is to treat her right. Mabe take her out for dinner. But better yet invite her over to your place, and cook her a great meal, have dessert . you will get alot father when she is a good mood and her tummy is full. then from there just see what happens!

2 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
jasontarheel 37 M
2  Artiklar
“veryhotblonde197” is catfishing!!! Beware! What else can I do...?   2020-09-07

First off, BEWARE of “veryhotblond197”! They are catfishing! Second, what else can I do? I’ve reported the twice now and they are still active on here...? Third, the very embarrassing interaction! I started talking to the “person” on here, traded pictures, and then started talking on WhatsApp, and even had a phone or two. There was a lot of sexual dirty talk in the messaging, what we ...

1 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 1 Röster ,5.00 Resultat
Grewpetty 57 M
9  Artiklar
Dating during Corona   2020-06-10

For most people, I assume that the current situation with social distancing etc. has had a big impact on activities here. Anyone have a story to share about that?

5 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
sexaddictdon 67 M
31  Artiklar
COVID 19 - Sex and Dating in the time of a pandemic   2020-05-23

Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is just common sense or as a few friends have said maybe it's stupidity. Turning down several sex partners over the last 8 or so weeks has had a strange impact on me (and my relationship with potential partners). Finding myself isolated and playing here online, the opportunity to fuck (suck and cuddle for 1 woman in particular) has presented itself ...

2 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
Thizzlerontheroo 32 M
2  Artiklar
More   2020-03-28

Who cheats more

3 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.04 Resultat
......corona virus ??   2020-03-15

I want to say that yes I understand this is a serious threat to all of us. <br><br> but I think the media is over doing it to sensationalize it like they do everything else. <br><br> when they have no foundation to attack a conservative they attack the public by trying to scare the hell out of us. you know that whole thing about controling the masses by fear mongering ...

4 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.98 Resultat
Biggirll510 61 K
0  Artiklar
I try to avoid confrontation but...   2020-02-28

I had been chatting online back and forth for a couple days with this guy. He questioned whether my account was real or not. I asked him how did he want me to prove that I am who I say I am. He said a private video. I have never webcammed before, I tried using the webcam feature here but it wouldnt let me go private. Then he suggests to chat on facetime, but I dont have a smart phone that has ...

7 Kommentarer, 105 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
tripod2014 52 M
15  Artiklar
Always...   2020-02-12

Meet in public first...then have fun Never Pressure.... Always keep it wrapped. Have fun!

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.96 Resultat
Fake profiles   2020-02-03

There has been an increase of fake profiles lately . Some are no brainer on how fake they are. They state how much they want to find true love and happiness. Some seem normal for this site and even go as far to pay for a gold membership. If they ask for email/phone right away is also a sign. I know they prey on men. I’m not sure if the women members are getting it on their end. Just be careful. ...

5 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
Mrcapa7 39 M
3  Artiklar
Accidents happen   2020-02-02

Today I was fooling around with my wife. We were going at it doggie style hard when I accidentally pulled out and thrust right up her ass. Need less to say there were screams that only excited further. I finished on the next thurst while she tried desperately get away. It all happened so fast she couldn't get words out. When I was done she turned around and slapped which I grinned and ...

5 Kommentarer, 63 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
safty first.   2020-01-25

I don't give out my real name until we first meet and I am upfront on that. I use a app on my phone that acts as a second phone tat even gives me a new Phone number that is only tied to a email account that I can login and out and check for messages/texts that I had missed when I was logged out of the app. When I do meet I always meet at a public place and talk over drinks and if things ...

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.30 Resultat
Lixxalotapus 53 M
1  Artikel
No pressure   2020-01-20

Men please understand that women are the creatures that we desire. Do not try to pressure or force them into a meeting that they are not comfortable with. Always have a safe place to meet first, then if it is right, work out something between the two of you that works for both. You will both enjoy yourselves more.

4 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
Wayneb518518 42 M
5  Artiklar
Date safe   2020-01-12

Date the

5 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 29 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
jay69kl 38 M
3  Artiklar
For Points and Many More   2020-01-09

This is an article to gain , feel free to vote!

7 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 32 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
Keeping safe   2020-01-08

I personally don’t give out any of my “real information” until I’ve met the person face to face. No phone numbers or my real name. I’m more than happy telling someone at the onset that I don’t uE my real name until we actually meet. Just too many crazy people.

3 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Contact info   2020-01-06

How long do you wait give out personal i fo?

8 Kommentarer, 61 Besök, 30 Röster ,2.46 Resultat
Any bad stories   2019-12-28

Anyone have any issues or crazy stories

1 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.34 Resultat
NickgNite 21 M
1  Artikel
Be safe   2019-12-24

Dont give personal info. Be safe out there

7 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 38 Röster ,3.82 Resultat
Yankees2378 42 M
5  Artiklar
Date safe   2019-12-18

Date safe for points

4 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.08 Resultat
TattedH0tR0d8069 43 M
6  Artiklar
Blacks   2019-12-17

Bdjfkfofofof.fkvovovogofofororkf. cofofof..cckcofofodoepdld

2 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 38 Röster ,1.33 Resultat
Johnybluu 44 M
8  Artiklar
Std   2019-12-12

This is pretty weird. I just wanna know. Is it OK to ask a woman to take 8STD test before you hook up with them. I know some of the tests are perfectly accurate and you have to wait some time after having sex for the test a relatively be correct. I just have this crazy phobia and I think I built it up in my own mind. The last couple of women that I've done together with I haven't hooked ...

12 Kommentarer, 106 Besök, 56 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
safe   2019-12-10

what can a man do make a woman feel safe and comfortable on a date

0 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.36 Resultat
What to do if things go wrong on a date?   2019-12-09

Do you have someone you can ? <br><br> Do you carry mace with you?

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.94 Resultat
PittHotWife1 35 P
1  Artikel
Hotwives   2019-12-08

Solo or with husband present? If solo, how do couples ensure safety?

9 Kommentarer, 108 Besök, 60 Röster ,2.41 Resultat
Longstick983 42 M
4  Artiklar
When meeting someone for the first time   2019-12-07

When meeting someone for the first time what precautions do you guys and gals take to ensure your safety?

4 Kommentarer, 81 Besök, 44 Röster ,3.09 Resultat
Points are good   2019-12-06

Having safe sex for points is the only way to live.

4 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 36 Röster ,3.41 Resultat
public or private first meet   2019-12-02

Does anyone meet a private residence for a first meeting or always in a public place first?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Points points points   2019-12-02

Plz points

5 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 21 Röster ,1.52 Resultat
Always be safe   2019-12-01

I need. Points can anyone help ?

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 21 Röster ,1.39 Resultat
be safe boys   2019-12-01

some these girls crazy be careful there lads

1 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 34 Röster ,2.34 Resultat
B00biesman 41 M
7  Artiklar
How do you date safely on here?   2019-12-01

Are you beat meeting up in a nuetral place like an hotel on first meeting?

2 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
karen_mwf 35 K
2  Artiklar
Where to meet   2019-11-30

I know that it's a good idea to meet a stranger in public for the first time but where is the best place to meet. Just wanting to get opinions from those who have actually done it.

20 Kommentarer, 154 Besök, 53 Röster ,3.86 Resultat
Yankees51841 45 M
5  Artiklar
Dates   2019-11-29

Be safe for points

2 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 37 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
Wayneb4151841 42 M
5  Artiklar
Safety   2019-11-28

Points are very safe

4 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 26 Röster ,1.52 Resultat


0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.05 Resultat
shikarilauda 32 M
5  Artiklar
Safty on first   2019-11-27

dont share personal detail Dont give number too early Dont post identity dont post pics dont drink too much dont shy to wanna go trust on yourself if dont feel good leave the date.

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.09 Resultat
onebigpickle 40 M
5  Artiklar
Good place to meet someone   2019-11-25

What is your personal preference on places to meet someone for the first time?

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 22 Röster ,0.60 Resultat
mace   2019-11-25

Is it proper to bring a stun gun and mace to a date just in case someone tries to do some shit?

0 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.28 Resultat
Alec89067 23 M
1  Artikel
Be safe   2019-11-14

Always meet in daylight for safety of both of you

1 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
9Goodatbnbad6 56 M
6  Artiklar
Carry enough   2019-11-14

points, it will keep you safe!

1 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 20 Röster ,1.21 Resultat
garamlund2018 31 M
6  Artiklar
first dating safty   2019-11-12

So dating for your first time need safty first its not about first dating but safty in all dating need to be checked so thatyou can not be cheated and as there are many girls and boys are here or every where are for cheating purpose as this is not physical or real amny person cheating on virtual as well so guys keep safty first and then go for dating

0 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.19 Resultat
barecheaters 38 M
5  Artiklar
First time meeting locations   2019-11-07

Do you guys usually meet in public places first or go straight to the bedroom. In the past I have jumped straight to he sex. Can be nerve racking not knowing what your walking into.

3 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 34 Röster ,2.70 Resultat
pjfriendly001 44 M
1  Artikel
How safe are you?   2019-11-03

Do you require any pre-activities to meeting up. Or do you show up expect everything to work out just right? <br><br> Phone call, video call etc? Exchange addresses licenseplates etc? Do you let others know who you are going to meet and where? to call in certain time frame to make sure you are okay?

6 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 28 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
ltfwbxxx67 56 M
5  Artiklar
Id like to date safety   2019-11-02

having enough points..

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.37 Resultat
2nd amendment   2019-11-01

Is it considered safe sex if you're carrying at the time?

2 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 17 Röster ,0.44 Resultat
Princealbertokla 55 M
1  Artikel
Let’s start by just having coffee at a public place   2019-10-27

Should all be good , watch a movie , Watch each other , Yes you can hold it lol.

0 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 30 Röster ,2.75 Resultat
ComeHangWithMe85 35 M
5  Artiklar
Avoiding Blackmailers/Extortionists   2019-10-26

Any tips for avoiding blackmailers or extortionists on sites like this? Encountered a few weeks back and she's still on the site sadly. Had change accounts avoid her. Reported her but nothing has been done. Trying figure the best way avoid a repeat. Thanks!

2 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 28 Röster ,4.68 Resultat
short term flings   2019-10-24

keep it wrapped up! though I haven't always been so diligent, it really does make more sense. Also helps with not feeling anxious later if you ever question if she was clean

1 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 30 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
duke982000 55 M
21  Artiklar
yes   2019-10-24

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes ty

1 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.36 Resultat
Use a condom   2019-10-23

Condoms and internal condoms are the only methods of birth control that also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections like HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Even if you’re already using a different kind of birth control to avoid pregnancy, it’s a good idea to also use condoms or internal condoms every time you have sex to protect yourself from STDs.

4 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 24 Röster ,4.49 Resultat
Markr6428 60 M
7  Artiklar
common sense   2019-10-18

meet in public places until you figure out who the person is...have your own ride....never let your drink out of your sight....let other people know where you are and who you are supposedly meeting...make sure you have that friend who will come get you, any place, any time...and don't get too shit faced you can't make good decisions... oh, ladies, learn how to defend yourself....was a ...

2 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.34 Resultat
Bigdeemikeh2 36 M
9  Artiklar
IF you don't like dating   2019-10-18

live by the three F's. They go by: if it floats, flys, or fucks, rent it don't buy it.

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.39 Resultat
LoveEmNasty 41 M
9  Artiklar
How to date safely   2019-10-18

Don't do it. It's not safe. Just meet at hotels for random anonymous sex. That's the way to do it.

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
gangpera 62 P
5  Artiklar

If your urge has gone up and if you are ready & convinced afford us; we are pleased thrill you carnally in a private way after you taking our expertise 04 hands full body scrub Skin Skin nuru tantric massages. <br><br> .......................Not Bling Owner........ So, Don't keep procrastinating. Go through our profile, ...

0 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.63 Resultat
bostonfunguy35 41 M
5  Artiklar
anal sex   2019-10-12

I want to try anal sex, but think condoms will make it not fun. How do you find someone safe?

1 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
Points galore   2019-10-11

Points galore

2 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.81 Resultat
Bjman0 45 M
5  Artiklar
It’s hard   2019-10-10

There really is no safe way to date anymore if you look how the courts have been ruling and the victims fault. These judges have made it to wear its will be allowed without consequences sad really no one is safe anymore

2 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.90 Resultat
HedonistSwitch87 36 M
5  Artiklar
Random points   2019-10-05

How many people would actually pay that ridiculous price for a shitty product?

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 14 Röster ,4.58 Resultat
BigTitFettish 37 M
5  Artiklar
points   2019-10-03

Running of options get points, anyone down purchase a gold membership lol? <br><br> never know...

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.86 Resultat
Make sure that...   2019-10-02

you use your points safely

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 2 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
loveitrough113 40 M
3  Artiklar
Safe dating   2019-09-30

The only way to safely date is using common sense. Trust your gut when it comes to meeting people. I think "dating" is inherently safe, but meeting up for fucking isn't.

1 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
bluemonkey12345 40 M
3  Artiklar
What do you do to be safe?   2019-09-30

I have only been with girls, but want to try with a guy, what do I need to do to be safe? If I get a blowjob without a condom, what can I get?

1 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.58 Resultat
Gotta be safe   2019-09-29

so please use points.. just sayin!

1 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
How do you feel about using   2019-09-27

the kik app? I like it because you can get live pics and video for verification. Plus you funny have to hand out your number if unsure about the other party.

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.01 Resultat
9  Artiklar
Dinning at the Y   2019-09-25

With STD concerns what is the best method for a guy to pleasure a woman with his tongue? <br><br> Hmm without protection is best but high risk <br><br> Other option is stretch a condom over her pussy, high risk of it breaking or leaking along sides and tastes bad. <br><br> Can this be an interactive article?

6 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.55 Resultat
Screwed   2019-09-18

That's what AdultFriendFinder does to u

6 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.94 Resultat
12josh1 35 M
5  Artiklar
Staying disease free   2019-09-14

Most members post DND free in profiles. How do people verify. Do you exchange results from a recent test?

7 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
lurch4040 51 M
9  Artiklar
helping a friend   2019-09-14

my female friends usually text me when they meet someone for the first time. It's hard to find people you can trust and share your kinky experiences with

2 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 27 Röster ,1.98 Resultat
For daring   2019-09-12

The best part of the relationship all the excitement brewing up sexy sexy

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Fake profiles   2019-09-09

Instead of changing this site for the worst with decreasing numbers in visitors and member they should put more effort in making sure the members and visitors are on here are actually real and not . No "google pictures"..... i can spot them from a mile away. AdultFriendFinder should give bonuspoints for the people who are actually genuine. <br><br> What are you're thoughts about ...

6 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 43 Röster ,4.07 Resultat
PusssyLicker069 44 M
4  Artiklar
Safe to lick pussy on a first date ?   2019-09-03

Well as the title says... Will you lick on a first date ?

5 Kommentarer, 68 Besök, 35 Röster ,3.77 Resultat
Bbcforyou480 39 M
5  Artiklar
How long   2019-09-02

How long would you wait introduce your new partner friends/family?

2 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.11 Resultat
Fuego_intenso_ 37 M
2  Artiklar
En cuales sitios prefieren esa primera cita?   2019-09-01

Digase lo que se diga, las mujeres siguen siendo el principal blanco de personas malintencionadas o de enfermos que no aceptan un "NO" por respuesta; asi que en general el tema de elegir un sitio mas comodo para un primer encuentro, despues de ganarse la confianza mutua que no es tarea nada facil, es bastante complicado de decir. <br><br> Uno siendo caballero intentara por ...

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.72 Resultat
whats the scoop   2019-08-21

oh I just made another article for another point session

0 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 40 Röster ,2.92 Resultat
whats the best?   2019-08-21

Does anyone else have an intuition about the people they talk with and whether or not they will be safe when meeting them?

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
Is anyone real   2019-08-19

I have been on this site for several years now and it seems that very few people seem to be real. What i mean by that is that they talk to you and such but when it comes to meeting its seems most people dont even want that. Is it because of the safety? Or do these people just head games oor what do you think the reason is for this?

9 Kommentarer, 87 Besök, 45 Röster ,2.21 Resultat
Nickloves2lick69 35 M
4  Artiklar
How   2019-08-11

How do you know sure the person you’re talking is safe meet?

0 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
Wolfenstein52 41 M
7  Artiklar
Why is it sooo hard to have safe sex for some??   2019-08-11

Listen I know that going without protection feels soo good and sometimes people aren't as honest as they seem but you have yourself and your health... some things cannot be treated and everyone's safety you need make sure your not spreading something.

5 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 40 Röster ,3.96 Resultat
Newbe509 47 M
7  Artiklar
Meeting   2019-08-04

Do you meet in a public place before ? I would

8 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 39 Röster ,2.34 Resultat
Hed121409 43 M
6  Artiklar
Looking for real people   2019-08-03

Anybody think this site has gone to hell

5 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 27 Röster ,3.56 Resultat
Exhibition414 34 M
6  Artiklar
Pics   2019-08-01

Be careful of fake pics with online dating. <br><br> Before meeting I always ask for a face pic with a certain number of fingers up to prove they are real. <br><br> What steps do you take?

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 28 Röster ,2.52 Resultat
points   2019-07-29

points points points points points points points points points points.

1 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
Blksecrets1914 49 M
1  Artikel
Scariest encounter   2019-07-26

So what are some scary encounters you have had meeting women on the internet or phone chat lines? I once had a woman invite me over and there were other guys in the room and just felt shady. Got the fuck outta there

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
idkaboutthis113 34 M
1  Artikel
Scammer   2019-07-20

I have had way too many scammers from here. Is there any way to limit the number you see on your profile?

2 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 26 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
for the women out there   2019-07-15

Are there actually women of this site that want to meet up? If so, what are you looking for, exactly? Hookup? Long Term? Summer fun? Also, for the very first meet, what is your preference? And how far does the first meet go?

5 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 45 Röster ,2.87 Resultat
Car dates extremely unsafe for guys   2019-07-12

Have talked allot of people on here the say that they usually do car dates or host in their camper.

8 Kommentarer, 76 Besök, 42 Röster ,2.93 Resultat
J0nathan2019 52 M
1  Artikel
Dating Scam   2019-07-06

What Dating scam have you come cross? <br><br> I had the adult verfication scam . <br><br> Let get to know and not safe to meet so point a free verfication website which it is not[

3 Kommentarer, 67 Besök, 42 Röster ,2.54 Resultat
PeterWalton 57 M
4  Artiklar
Safety for girls   2019-06-25

How safe do girls feel meeting strangers for the first

7 Kommentarer, 89 Besök, 45 Röster ,2.07 Resultat
ttk209 33 M
6  Artiklar
points v2   2019-06-24

all about them

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
SimiPreciousWood 58 M
0  Artiklar
Who will you Meet?   2019-06-18

In this day of internet and online dating, safety is paramount . How do you know you're safe to meet someone?, you will never find the answer to this question in any profile, any photo or words spoken. A profile that you find interesting, could be legit and it could be a complete scam, in my experience the split between legit and scam profiles is approximately 50/50 across the internet, if ...

3 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 39 Röster ,3.97 Resultat
billfla5 71 M
8  Artiklar
be safe   2019-06-11

If meeting on a website, the best way is always meet in a public place that makes you feel comfortable. Stay there talk have coffee and go with your gut feeling if it is right proceed if any doubts then time to leave. Be safe always

0 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.23 Resultat
hardbuddy4fun 43 M
2  Artiklar
Road Dome   2019-06-07

I've experienced this in the past. Looking back I don't know what I was thinking. What if the driver gets rear ended and the sucker chomps down? Be safe and park.

0 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 26 Röster ,1.95 Resultat
passiondreamer13 37 M
7  Artiklar
never share info   2019-05-18

never share info

3 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 46 Röster ,1.65 Resultat
wrap up or not?   2019-05-05

Do you all prefer raw or wrapped. Pros and cons?

8 Kommentarer, 96 Besök, 53 Röster ,1.69 Resultat
Letzplay2nite693 35 M
5  Artiklar
How do you   2019-04-29

How does everyone go about scheduling your first meet with someone new?

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 6 Röster ,1.66 Resultat
JFactor22 35 M
2  Artiklar
Need of Points   2019-04-05

Put a condom on and respect your partner. When you both know you are clean then start doing more.

5 Kommentarer, 70 Besök, 43 Röster ,2.02 Resultat
willwatchuforfun 49 M
5  Artiklar
condoms   2019-04-02

They are a must for me, when I find a woman that is more to the no condom position is it time to worry? or maybe just move on...haha

1 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
SecretRomance4Us 41 M
5  Artiklar
points and more points   2019-03-31

just posting for points

7 Kommentarer, 84 Besök, 57 Röster ,1.54 Resultat
sweetkink33 35 M
9  Artiklar
Buyer beware   2019-03-29

How many people have run into countless fake profiles here? I would say we all to do our part to week out the almost 70% of fake and flake profiles. Anyone agree?

1 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
Aes604 49 M
7  Artiklar
Interlopers   2019-03-26

The spammers have infiltrated this saved with the dating safety scam. I will fuck you but you to go to this site and register oh and by the way use your credit card. Anyone else had this happen the devil doesn't dairy product

0 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 46 Röster ,1.22 Resultat
I dunno if   2019-03-24

I have filled my quota of points filled for this...I wish I didnt need to scrounge for points..its hard being poor!

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 18 Röster ,1.49 Resultat
Scammers....   2019-03-02

Scammers on AdultFriendFinder. <br><br> Being new to AdultFriendFinder I have found more than a few Scammers at work here. <br><br> Not long after I joined AdultFriendFinder I received a flirt followed by a rather flattering message ( on hindsight the alarm bells should have been ringing ! ) however in my naivety I was lured into on offsite email conversation which went on for a few weeks. I was think when ...

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,5.00 Resultat
Txmedic79423 50 M
2  Artiklar
Someone you know   2019-02-09

Have you ever realized the person you've been chatting with is someone you know, who doesn't know you're in the lifestyle? Would you be able to follow-through with plans to meet?

9 Kommentarer, 148 Besök, 105 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
be safe   2019-02-05

trust your instincts? and put on a raincoat if not sure?

6 Kommentarer, 105 Besök, 74 Röster ,2.34 Resultat
ClassicRockStud 45 M
5  Artiklar
Aricle #1   2019-02-04

Coming Soon.. Will fill out later

0 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 52 Röster ,0.69 Resultat
Alakabam92 31 M
9  Artiklar
AdultFriendFinder Male to Female Ratio/Crazies   2019-01-26

Seems to me there's a whole lot of men in here and not enough women. Me being in my 20s and straight is also another hassle entirely since most people here from what I've seen and talked to play both sides and are much much older. There's some people which seems to me have never had a sexual encounter in their lives by the way they act on here, say the craziest shit I've ever ...

3 Kommentarer, 112 Besök, 59 Röster ,3.68 Resultat
russ1683 43 M
1  Artikel
Safer surfing avoiding catfish   2019-01-21

There are a few things that can be seen in a general profile that can give away its authenticity, Glamour or Professional pictures in sets, especially in new profiles.By no means is this 100% as real members do use these types of photos but tend to be established, long term. A profile that contains all autocompletes or short incomplete responses, again not 100%. Moving on, when contacted the ...

4 Kommentarer, 116 Besök, 63 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
Best ways to meet someone safely   2019-01-13

Hello. What are some.of the best ways to meet someone face to face saflry? Public area? Someplace familiar? I need some ideas, so I'd appreciate the help!

1 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 40 Röster ,2.92 Resultat
name change   2019-01-08

how many times have you changed profiles due to weirdos

4 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 22 Röster ,2.17 Resultat
Sucknfuckn3 32 M
5  Artiklar
Best way to have a first meeting with Singles or couples?   2018-12-26

I’m curious what everyone’s go to first meeting location or scenario is? <br><br> I’ve done a few different ones and as a single man I prefer the public places doesn’t have to be a bar or dinner although if it’s either I usually feel it’s my job to pick up the tab. I think that’s just Curitious to do for anyone who may invite you into their home <br><br> What ...

4 Kommentarer, 85 Besök, 54 Röster ,3.60 Resultat
NHDomMA 35 M
1  Artikel
Safety Tips for the newly kinky.   2018-12-23

I’ve noticed an increase in the curiosity of the kink scene lately, and thought I’d post a small safety guide for the newly introduced and curious. <br><br> Bondage Safety: <br><br> * Don’t bind joints, or use a knot that bear weight and continue to tighten. * Rope has no business around the neck with very, very, few exceptions. * If you’re losing feeling or ...

3 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.31 Resultat
mtl_boy_toy 41 M
4  Artiklar
First encounter   2018-12-21

Curious.... based on experience do most people meeting for a coffee or drinks before actually hooking up? For whatever reason, sex has always been better for me when getting down and dirty right off the bat. The whole meeting for coffee.... chit chat.... and scheduling a sex date for another time just feels like a waste of time not too mention, has the relationship vibe which i'm not looking ...

3 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 43 Röster ,2.93 Resultat
Beware   2018-12-18

People pretending to be women, who live close to you, are stranded 1000 miles away, and want to meet but can't get home without your help....yeah, right was my response. Be careful and happy holidays

1 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 27 Röster ,4.40 Resultat
Stlforfun1990 33 M
2  Artiklar
couples on drugs   2018-12-10

Had an issue a few ago with a couple who did drugs, have since decided if you do more than weed, I will not meet.

3 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 31 Röster ,4.10 Resultat
scubasex99 62 M
1  Artikel
Let's keep it real!   2018-12-07

It seems like there are several categories of people here on AdultFriendFinder. NOT including the people who pretend to want to meet & get their jollies in sending people on useless trips to meet people who aren't going to show of the type that create a profile that has no basis in reality... <br><br> So one type wants to meet instantly with very little "getting to know you" ...

6 Kommentarer, 63 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.55 Resultat
Heathen_G 64 M
11  Artiklar
Don't be this stupid ...   2018-12-06

Red flag one: The man was polite and a great conversationalist. <br><br> Red flag two: She had texted and spoken several times on the phone. [Don't do this before first meeting the guy]. One text should be enough... make plans to meet. <br><br> Red flag three: He wanted to TAKE the woman to Toronto for dinner (she lives 45 minutes outside of Toronto).... Why on Earth ...

1 Kommentarer, 68 Besök, 40 Röster ,1.88 Resultat
Beware of sad stories...   2018-12-05

I have seen and been victim to women who have sad pasts, bad situations and damaged emotional states. While most seem legitimate, their is no real way to verify any of it. Some start out good and work up to this and the eventual end is a plea for money. Others are more brazen and don't waste any time in disclosing their true objectives. People beware!! They are very good at this. I can't ...

0 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.48 Resultat
points   2018-12-01

doing it for the points points points

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
tigsfan123 29 M
2  Artiklar
Date less   2018-11-27

Just date less and youll be good

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
exhibitionmke 34 M
5  Artiklar
Verification Pic   2018-11-25

One thing I always do before meeting is asking for simple picture that verifies the person is real. Something like write todays date and their username on a piece of paper with a face pic, and returning the same. Or something easy as like asking for a certain amount of fingers raised in the pic. If they can't do that (pretty easy via text) that they are not worth the time to meet. Everyone is ...

2 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 26 Röster ,3.67 Resultat
akshay1513000 37 M
5  Artiklar
be safe while sex   2018-11-23

do not go blind when ever you go for sex, always use protection talk freely with your partener regarding safe sex practise Talking about STDs is just as important as talking about preventing pregnancy. Condoms offer the best available protection against STIs by acting as a physical barrier to prevent the exchange of semen, vaginal fluids or blood between partners

1 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 32 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
lasimery 30 K
2  Artiklar
Boyfriend can't make me orgasm   2018-11-22

I'm in a relationship, so this has to be discrete. My boyfriend can't make me orgasm.I'm cute and I give great b j I really want a man to go down on me and fu+ck me till I cum a couple of times. Hispanic, black, native I don't care just make me orgasm and I'll make you cum.Hit me>> 4347554577

2 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
FrFghtr33085 39 M
1  Artikel
Worst experience   2018-11-18

Whats the most unusual or uncomfortable situation you've ever found meeting someone off a site like this?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster

Guys beware! Apparently there are some really sad men that have nothing better to do than to pose as women. <br><br> Proceed with caution.

8 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 38 Röster ,4.48 Resultat
ebonyluv4u 42 M
2  Artiklar
Meeting in Winnipeg, Safe and unsafe areas   2018-11-10

I am new to Canada and testing out the swinging scene on here. Want some advice on places that aren't so safe to visit in winnipeg. Also is there a protocol to meeting people here?

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.42 Resultat
Meeting Face to Face for the First Time   2018-10-28

Always be Honest and Truthful About Yourself

1 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
Tell Someone Where You Will Be   2018-10-28

It is very important to let someone know where you'll be

1 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 25 Röster ,4.35 Resultat
Getting Cold Feet   2018-10-27

Canceling and rescheduling a date just because you are nervous is not going to make your fear go away. just do it

4 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 25 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
thickdicklydaddy 37 M
5  Artiklar
Always make sure to verify with a live pic   2018-10-15

Meeting up for random hookups can be dangerous for both men and women. <br><br> It's important to always make sure you verify that who you are talking with is who they say they are. I recommended using an app that lets you send live pics so you know they aren't dicking you about. Any other safety tips?

7 Kommentarer, 78 Besök, 38 Röster ,3.82 Resultat
safety   2018-10-13


1 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.81 Resultat
Adventureman200 75 M
14  Artiklar
How often to test for STD's?   2018-10-03

How recent should a bloodtest for STD's be to be relevant? Obviously if one has not had sex since their last test that is good, but things like Hepes take 12 weeks to show up in a test.

4 Kommentarer, 66 Besök, 37 Röster ,3.15 Resultat
tigersfan1232 22 M
2  Artiklar
WHo do u love   2018-10-01

Can u love someone and cheat on them at the same time?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Climaxondemand 65 M
2  Artiklar
Is there a universal disease testing station / doctor?   2018-09-30

I've been chatting with a number of women and nobody has asked if I was tested and I haven't asked anyone that question. Back before I got married it was popular to get tested once a month. But I guess on a fast pace fucking site, it pretty much up to your best judgement. During one of those test I found out I had hype-C, which took a year and weekly shots to cure, then get tested every ...

0 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.15 Resultat
Climaxondemand 65 M
2  Artiklar
People wanting your email or phone number.   2018-09-30

I just tell them that I chat through the web site and don't give out either until we have set a date to meet. That usually stops the conversations. But if they did persist, I would watch the information to make sure it was accurate. Some had suggested getting a $15 throw away phone but I haven't needed to yet and I don't keep any personal information or pictures. I have them deleted ...

8 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 38 Röster ,3.74 Resultat
blackking85s 40 M
7  Artiklar
internet hookups   2018-09-28

i wanna know do you think it is safe to hook up with someone off the internet i have had a few exp and i can say they are all ok but i need your view people

1 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 32 Röster ,4.55 Resultat
hotguitar61 58 M
2  Artiklar
meeting women on websites   2018-09-27

I have always preferred meeting lovely women in a public place first to re assure the lady Im serious...I want to do things in an ethical sexual way...its really fun dating many diiferent women from all walks of life..and one can learn so much from each other... I love it i've met way more than 50 women and some dates were great, others not so much but I always tried to please my date and ...

0 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
Jack123570 31 M
1  Artikel
Safety first   2018-09-08

Use condoms for safe sex when you meet strangers always even unplanned sex.

7 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 30 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
pointsss   2018-09-06

just for the points

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
endiluvscurves 58 M
8  Artiklar
How to Wipe and Wash Your Butt for Optimal Cleanliness   2018-08-29

If you feel a little bit clueless as to how exactly to keep things clean between the cheeks from wipe to wash, you're not alone. According to Reddit users, plenty of people actually don't know how to keep their downstairs squeaky clean. <br><br> "The number of people that don't wash their ass is astounding, " Redditor youallsuck6 wrote as a personal hygiene ...

3 Kommentarer, 100 Besök, 45 Röster ,3.74 Resultat
Online makes it safer or not   2018-08-22

With all the concern of net safety does everyone agree that online seems safer considering you can get to know each other from a distance, look each other up, find out limits and likes, see if you connect, and narrow it down to something that will work. The other option which is going in blind folded and in physical contact has always seemed more of a risk to me. I assume people would rather know ...

4 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.24 Resultat
Catfish   2018-08-21

Hello so anyway I've been chatting with a woman for about a year and we finally decide to meet so we chat over the phone she gives me her address and when I get there no one answers the door so just wondering why the people do this but I finally get up get out of it. So anyway still trying to meet legit people on here I have plenty of friends and my friend list or people close by but seems ...

2 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 32 Röster ,4.27 Resultat
Caring and neuroticism   2018-08-21


0 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
meet   2018-08-19

does anyone actually meet on this site?

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.31 Resultat
perfectman1312 42 M
2  Artiklar
tips   2018-08-19

1.Be sure whom you are meeting 2. Dont go for a complete blind date 3. Dont share personal information before meeting 4. Dont do financial transaction before meeting 5. Meet in a public place 6. Get to knw each other better before taking the plunge

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.42 Resultat
Rajrishi18 43 M
2  Artiklar
To be honest   2018-08-15

it is important when you go for a blind date or date from sure you are meeting in a crowded place.. be sure to see him/ her before hand.. dont listen to crap like lets go there .. until and unless ur dead sure about the person.. Share you whereabouts with your closest frd incase you get into trouble

1 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.84 Resultat
Andy303ude 32 M
1  Artikel
hey there   2018-08-12

just adding this to get the points its going to give me

2 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.48 Resultat
luvgluv19 75 M
28  Artiklar
If you simply must with genital warts   2018-08-07

If you simply feel that you must have sex with some one with genital warts listen up. First pull the mans under pants down and once an erection is in full bloom roll a condom down over the penis allowing room on the end for the cum to collect. Then pull the mans' under wear up and put the penis through the opening used to pee from in front of the under wear. Having done this pull the under ...

4 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.83 Resultat
luvgluv19 75 M
28  Artiklar
Phone usage   2018-08-06

If you wish to talk to someone on the phone get a second line. It cost about $15us a month for a second line and can save you some serious complications later. This is a very fun and interesting site BUT take care of your self there are nut cases out there.

2 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.86 Resultat
kuntryfuncpl 64 P
3  Artiklar
Using personal phones to text !   2018-07-31

To all who are not technical about new stuff, using your personal phine to someone or even worse talking with someone who simply ask for you to is very dumb. Once they have your and get you on with them thru texting or live , if your are anywhere using someones wi-fi you are in even worse risk and potentially a real sucker. These people who know what to do can be in all your info on , ...

5 Kommentarer, 74 Besök, 27 Röster ,3.87 Resultat
kuntryfuncpl 64 P
3  Artiklar
Using personal phones to text !   2018-07-31

To all who are not technical about new stuff, using your personal phine to someone or even worse talking with someone who simply ask for you to is very dumb. Once they have your and get you on with them thru texting or live , if your are anywhere using someones wi-fi you are in even worse risk and potentially a real sucker. These people who know what to do can be in all your info on , ...

2 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
Superman4695 35 M
11  Artiklar
Is Badoo safe to use?   2018-07-14

I got a message from someone from Badoo thing is I never joined their site. Think it is someone that I responded over e-mail before. I know here name purposely withholding it. Is the site legit? Anyone use it?

1 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.25 Resultat
Clfunlax27 38 M
1  Artikel
Friday the 13th   2018-07-13

Is it a bad idea to propose on Friday the 13th? I didnt but a friend of mine decided to despite him having horrible luck on the day. I wonder will her saying yes change his luck? I mean it could have just continued to be bad and she say no right?

1 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.72 Resultat
Safe not Sorry ...   2018-07-07

Make sure your first meets are in very public areas in the day time ... A few people i have met have not been the people in their profile pics. Sometimes even men when i thought i was going to meet a woman. <br><br> Cafes are good places . if a woman and not worried , pick one where the staff are used to you being there. <br><br> Get to know the person first . ...

5 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 22 Röster ,3.85 Resultat
fithungstud28 34 M
3  Artiklar
lot of bots/scammers on the IM here   2018-06-27

Anyone else experienced it? Is there any reliable way to spot them before engaging?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
which is safer??   2018-06-18

I have recently lost my virginity as a cd. I loved having my ass taken. My big question is this: Is it safer to swallow my lovers cum? or have him shoot it in my ass? I loved both but want to be a little safer if I can?????

3 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 23 Röster ,1.26 Resultat
69games6162 41 M
5  Artiklar

in a single day how many time man can do it safely without health issue

6 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 31 Röster ,2.66 Resultat
Parka462 45 K
5  Artiklar
Dobra rada   2018-06-09

Nie ma to jak cyber tu jesteś Saba

4 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.16 Resultat
Califgoldenrod16 69 M
3  Artiklar
FIRST DATE instructions for those considerijng meeting ANYONE offline!!!   2018-06-09

As a former chat room monitor for an 80s era ISP AOHELL, we always cautioned both men and women to meet in a public place before going on to other exploits. First, meetings should always be casual, last maybe an hour at best and have no expectations set or agreed upon in advance other than to say hello and have a cup of coffee, kind of a feeling out like an initial job interview.... NEVER drink ...

1 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 22 Röster ,3.37 Resultat
Avoid confusions   2018-05-23

While dating through dating sites like these the mates should avoid confusions. A number of confusions as well as misunderstanding may arise due to a lot of reasons. More frankly speaking, it can be due to improper conversation they had between them. The source of the misunderstanding vary depending on the person and the time they are taking to meet.

1 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.33 Resultat
Tylerblk38 45 M
6  Artiklar
Question   2018-05-20

When u are dating on this site can you explain a good way in going into this <br><br> <br><br> Plz help

2 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 25 Röster ,2.80 Resultat
HookupFun584 27 M
1  Artikel
Saftey   2018-05-18

Even though people here are mainly looking for quick hookups, you need to be safe in doing so. There can be dangerous people, so just remember to know who you are getting with.

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 0 Röster
Seeing her photo online   2018-05-13

I wish I had never seen her photo, online <br><br> As a retired gentleman with lots of time on my hands, one of the ways I pass the time is to browse on the internet. And some of the sites I browse are those dating sites that offer instant connections that I don't believe but they are fun to look at and ready, just the same. But I also browse on other adult sites, too. I ...

0 Kommentarer, 70 Besök, 36 Röster ,3.15 Resultat
First meet location?   2018-04-29

Looking for the best first meeting location ideas.

7 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.74 Resultat
apervypoet 62 M
2  Artiklar
coffee shops   2018-04-12

Safest place I have found are coffee shops. So many Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks/smaller shops that are perfect to finish a drink in peace and leave the wondering out beforehand. Let potential partner know that no sex will be coming from this meet - that way both can be relaxed and enjoy the time together. Maybe a hug with a whisper of a promise for next time can end the date.

8 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 30 Röster ,2.75 Resultat
AceTwice83 40 M
5  Artiklar
Drinks first?   2018-04-04

Noticing it seems to be a foreign concept to meet for drinks in public setting , see how things evolve. Am I crazy to think that's the safe / comfortable thing to do?

6 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
First date with someone you meet online   2018-04-01

You should always meet in a public place and tell someone you confind in where your going.

2 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 23 Röster ,1.84 Resultat
sykdopfyr 25 M
4  Artiklar
Be careful   2018-03-28

getting to know each other on IM and exchange photos is a good start. Common interest, and expectations good start. Plan on first meet in public safe place. It can be fun and exciting to meet face to face. Get more time before going to motel , be careful.

1 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.92 Resultat
sykdopfyr 25 M
4  Artiklar
Where to meet   2018-03-28

You should always meet out at a public place. Somewhere where you feel safe there are people around it's well lit. We are all adults. But you do have to be careful.

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
jayandkayforfun 45 P
5  Artiklar
So Here Is a Question   2018-02-20

Since we are both positive and we are dating each other. There is no reason for us to ask each other. Cause we knew before we ever played just from talking about it with each other. How we found out the other had it that is another story all together. <br><br> <br><br> So here is our questions: <br><br> How many people have asked there date or play date if ...

2 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.42 Resultat
mikeincentralvt 53 M
2  Artiklar
Where to have your first meeting   2018-02-06

I'm curious about other's experiences when it comes to where to meet first. Specifically if it's one on one rather than couple/couple. With safety concerns I still find it surprising how many times a single woman has invited me to meet her at her place on a first 'date'. I'm perfectly safe, but how would they know that? It is rare that they ask to meet for a drink first in ...

5 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 31 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
superamoker93 27 M
2  Artiklar
Fuck creampie   2018-01-18

Keep your shit wraped unless your in a monogamous relationship. Creampie arnt wprth the risk. Lol

3 Kommentarer, 80 Besök, 41 Röster ,4.33 Resultat
makeyougo0 32 M
2  Artiklar
Taken for a ride   2018-01-17

Just wanting to know, how many out there have started chatting to someone only to find they they are either not from their photos or completely the different sex?!

7 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 40 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
Adrianr0808 26 M
0  Artiklar
seguridad sexual   2018-01-07

me gustaría que no tuvieran miedo a encontrarse con personas en esta pagina por que siento que por eso no teman en cuanta a a todos los chavos que tratan de hablar con las personitas bonitas que las mujeres y deverian de darse la oportunidad de conocer a las personas

2 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 27 Röster ,1.56 Resultat
It's always safe to me in a public place   2017-12-30

Meet in public where you feel safe where there's lots of people. I feel you should do this the first time you meet somebody until you get to know them. It's just a good practice. That way if anything happens there's lots of people around to help you. You never know some people might just be offended that you don't like now that that they would harm you but they might damage your ...

7 Kommentarer, 61 Besök, 33 Röster ,4.71 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
Chatting in virtual world   2017-12-30

Don't appear overtly eager: Okay, so you've found the guy/girl of your dreams and you are eager to get to know him/her. But wait... don't make it seem like you are already dreaming about marriage. Take it slow. Once you have met the person casually send in your friendship request after a day or two. And make sure that you don't mention that you've been to his/her profile ...

1 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.68 Resultat
Meet in a public place   2017-12-03

You should always meet out at a public place. Somewhere where you feel safe there are people around it's well lit. We are all adults. But you do have to be careful.

11 Kommentarer, 76 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.76 Resultat
Iwannabeused 47 M
5  Artiklar
How safe is safe?   2017-11-30

Should all parties involved agree to be armed, shock collars? We all have to think about personal safety!

2 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
looking to meet someone   2017-11-05

i been searching this web and looking for a woman that is mature and want to try new thing.looking for a mature woman that want to explore and go to the extreme into anything and try new kinky things. that is willing to meet.

0 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
nightflyer121 49 M
6  Artiklar
phone   2017-11-02

is anyone else here nervous about girls who ask for a phone number right away?

1 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
first date   2017-10-29

Yes, dating can be a total nightmare when you get hooked up with someone who is rude, obnoxious, or just not your type. <br><br> <br><br> Play it safe when you meet face-to-face

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.64 Resultat
sharknet5 52 M
6  Artiklar
So my flat or hers?   2017-10-28

Do you think it best to go to one flat or the other on a first date where sex is going to happen - donyoubprefer to be able to just leave or donyoubprefer your own surroundings?

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
zekkstrom 38 M
6  Artiklar
Meeting   2017-10-27

Besides the basics of hygiene, decent clothes, and a being friendly there is one basic tip I might offer: <br><br> Meet in a public place first that is well lit and attended for a little while before moving on to a more private venue. <br><br> No matter how horny you might be, and want that late night meetup, be careful. Guy or girl, it doesn't matter, it is best to be ...

3 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 9 Röster ,5.14 Resultat
adambomb5150 45 M
3  Artiklar
mace   2017-10-25

i got maced once, i guess no does mean no

0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.08 Resultat
fav of all time   2017-10-16

its time for one of those again!!! not another one!! yes!! another one <br><br> whats your fav safety advice of all time dun dun dun

0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.21 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
Social media   2017-10-11

Don't send a social media 'relationship' request until discussed in person. Do not post flirty drunken pictures of you and your partner on any professional networking site. He/she will be a lot less attractive after getting fired from the job. If you see your love interest signed into instant messenger with a 'busy' status, do not ping him/her to ask, "What's ...

2 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.88 Resultat
pleasureislan1 57 K
13  Artiklar
meet in a public place first time   2017-10-06

getting to know each other on IM and exchange photos is a good start. Common interest, and expectations good start. Plan on first meet in public safe place. It can be fun and exciting to meet face to face. Get more time before going to motel , be careful.

11 Kommentarer, 76 Besök, 40 Röster ,4.99 Resultat
untilthedayi 40 M
6  Artiklar
Condoms?   2017-10-03

What is the best condom and lube combo?

0 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.56 Resultat
Dating   2017-09-28

Has anyone actually gone out with anyone from this site.

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 8 Röster ,1.86 Resultat
jr42468 57 M
24  Artiklar
becareful   2017-09-25

first and foremost all people involved should be very careful of who they are meeting especially if its a blind date or on website dating please take every precaution

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
firefighterldh 40 M
9  Artiklar
aim right   2017-09-23

right in the pussy

1 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.32 Resultat
yesyou2015 54 M
3  Artiklar
Women are not the only ones   2017-09-19

Recently I meet a lady for coffee and everything seemed great. We meet a couple more times with out issues (just coffee) when we decided to go further that's when things changed. She became possessed irrational and down right a stalker. I had to go to the police and court to get a restraining order against her as I became very concerned. <br><br> Has anyone been in this situation ...

4 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
tallman60314 42 M
16  Artiklar
Always be on the safe side   2017-09-12

Hi all, <br><br> i am a tall and strong guy but even myself I nowadays look for safe places to meet, at least for the first time. There are so many fake people on here that you never know. <br><br> Just be careful and enjoy!

4 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.39 Resultat
what makes u trust a stranger   2017-08-29

does it matter that a guy is married or not, is that a trust indicator for a girl? how many girls has he slept with, does that matter to u? i know most people find it difficult to trust someone, am shocked at the kind of girls who are ready to meet up for money, either that or they take ur advance and run away(never got into that..just a hunch frankly i cant trust a girl who asks for money at ...

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.81 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
safety   2017-08-23

what are the safety procedures for safe sex??

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 15 Röster ,5.27 Resultat
bigboystwo2 53 M
11  Artiklar
gotta be gentle   2017-07-24

no means no.

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 11 Röster ,5.22 Resultat
mattjoe22 44 M
21  Artiklar
I am very safe and aware care about my health but...   2017-07-06

I am so very HORNY and want to fuck that I want to hook up ASAP! This site is so very addictive!

I would definitely have safe sex if it is going to happen but some people don't like condoms!

Do you leave the situation or take the chance of getting a disease?

Hashtag - Consequences!!!!

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 6 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
justlookingfor08 30 M
1  Artikel
boring   2017-06-23

Does anyone find this site now impossible to get meeting or is it just meet?

2 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 7 Röster ,4.06 Resultat
Safety Measures   2017-06-06

Safety Measures of Dating is to be taken for everyone because without safety, it consequences will be too effective.

1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.63 Resultat
bpc6464 38 M
4  Artiklar
Is it part of the thrill   2017-06-03

Does it add to the sex, not knowing all aspects of a sexual partner or partners. At swinger clubs we meet and if the mood and everything is right we engage in sexual relationships. Those were the best encounters of my life. Having normal sex is not the same. I prefer a public scene with random encounters. I did have a partner to share in all of the fun until circumstances, unforeseen, intervened. ...

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
GuyNextDoor2017 48 M
3  Artiklar
Childhood friend becomes fwb in adulthood (Last Part)   2017-05-24

The last night I spent with her, was when we finally got to make love. We were both lying naked in bed as she was deep throating my cock, stroking the shaft and sucking on the head. My cock was twitching and pulsating deep down her throat. I was so close to coming, but I wanted to make love to her, so badly, so I stopped her by saying, "I want to put it inside of you."

She stopped ...

2 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.13 Resultat
blackness04401 53 M
7  Artiklar
Aware   2017-05-14

To much fake ppl here who advertising meets and greets then they don't follow through free porn here I guess

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 12 Röster ,4.92 Resultat
CuriousTallguy78 46 M
0  Artiklar
be warned of this guy.   2017-05-04

he makes threats if you aren't interested in him. do not exchange phone numbers with this guy.

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 7 Röster ,4.82 Resultat
First Dates   2017-04-17

I was curious to hear women's opinions on first dates from this site. Even though this can be entertaining and different, do you find its easier to build a quicker connection with those you meet compared to other sites where you might conceal some of your sexuality.....Just curious to hear your responses.

5 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
cougarbait2091 33 M
6  Artiklar
Catfish   2017-02-06

Anyone have any bad catfish experiences on here? Or maybe one that turned out to be good? (if that even happens)

5 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 22 Röster ,2.53 Resultat
pleasureislan1 57 K
13  Artiklar
he wrote down my licnse plate number   2016-12-27

I saw the man I went to meet, write sown my license plate number, I got real mad at him for doing that, it was a discreet meeting

16 Kommentarer, 191 Besök, 44 Röster ,4.50 Resultat
cutekinkym 40 M
7  Artiklar
Dating safety   2016-12-03

be safe

4 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.35 Resultat
urpleasure_2 38 M
4  Artiklar
How do you verify your date   2016-11-22

How do you verify your date? I have had a few who wont verify and I hesitate to meet them. Any advice.

3 Kommentarer, 72 Besök, 25 Röster ,3.80 Resultat
quan09 123 K
27  Artiklar
Article TitleArticle TitleArticle TitleArticle Title   2016-11-21

ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY - Discussion topics are for original material written by members. Any plagiarized material will be removed from the site. Also, please observe the HornyWife Terms of Use. If you see material that is inappropriate for HornyWife, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse team.

Help with Text Commands

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
quan09 123 K
27  Artiklar
Dating safety   2016-11-20

Dating safety

1 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 6 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
quan09 123 K
27  Artiklar
Dating safety   2016-11-20

Dating safety

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.16 Resultat
quan09 123 K
27  Artiklar
Dating safety   2016-11-20

Dating safety

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.55 Resultat
quan09 123 K
27  Artiklar
Dating safety   2016-11-20

Dating safety

0 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
24  Artiklar
LoL   2016-10-17

Monica Lowinski is voting for Trump. She said the last Clinton in office left a bad taste in her mouth

3 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
biperth_guy 36 M
2  Artiklar
bisexual fun   2016-10-05

mmmm, i would love some cock right now, 2 or 3 would be just enough for now ;p

0 Kommentarer, 71 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
Protection   2016-10-02

When dating, particularly for the first few times, we all a responsibility to respect our partners and practice safe and full relations. Certainly, when having intercourse- we all should observe the notion of, condoms, sleeves whatever you might like to call it. That goes for vaginal and annal is just safer and while unprotected sex does provide additional ...

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.80 Resultat
sexaddictdon 67 M
31  Artiklar
Fucking in a car.... how many positions are there?   2016-09-22

Here are a few that I thought of, please add to the list: click here 1. Missionary - With a little knee bending and some manageable discomfort, the backseat of your standard sedan provides maybe enough room for two fully-grown adults to lie on top of one another. Messes are inevitable in tight spaces like this, so make sure you've applied a healthy coat of ...

11 Kommentarer, 146 Besök, 38 Röster ,5.56 Resultat
Winter   2016-09-11

Hello- winter is coming- stay safe

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
Winter   2016-09-11

Hello- winter is coming- stay safe

0 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.80 Resultat
Profiles   2016-09-07

Beware- an increasing number of fake profiles are added to AdultFriendFinder. Beware.

2 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 6 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
Fake profile.   2016-09-06

Bevare of mature german women +60.

Many of These are- men.

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
Fake profiles   2016-08-26

AdultFriendFinder- you have far too many fake profiles - why?

2 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 10 Röster ,5.18 Resultat
Seeknfun80127 48 M
6  Artiklar
First time help   2016-08-25

Any advice on meeting someone for the first time from this site. We both need to be discreet but trying to figure out how to go about it. Thanks

2 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.31 Resultat
RhymesWithSassy 45 T
3  Artiklar
SAFETY TIPS   2016-08-25

Never let your guard down when it comes to online dating. Be a sceptic. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It only takes ONE lapse of judgment to end up chained to a basement wall (or worse).

Don't give out your phone number to anyone you don't know & trust, and want in your life on at least a semi-regular basis. There are a dozen alternative methods of communication to ...

4 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 10 Röster ,5.18 Resultat
ldn_boy_4u 33 M
4  Artiklar
First date locations   2016-08-18

Where do you choose to meet first? do you screen through the phone? What about time of day? I guess these are all things to consider today

4 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.19 Resultat
wildcock2016 41 M
6  Artiklar
Be safe!   2016-08-14

Under no circumstance don't give your children power in a relationship. They will run everything from there on in

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
Safe Dating In India   2016-07-27

I have a strange story for the readers.

Recently in my city Indore, Police rushed into a park and humiliated the guys and girls sitting there. All the guys and girls were asked to produce their ID's

Some girls were asked to call their parents.

They were charged for what? Nobody knows.

Guys and girls were there because Hotels here are not open to the unmarried ...

0 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
safer fun   2016-07-13

it is sad that we come onto a site like this, make an agreement to meet somewhere to see if we click, get excited, and then start wondering if it is a setup and you will get mugged or worse when you meet at that discreet, out of the way place. does this concern others? I am not one to back out of meeting someone, but I recently did. I overthought just one sentence the other person wrote which ...

2 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.86 Resultat
william25623 75 M
5  Artiklar
the next day   2016-07-07

The next as I got to work the boss was the only one on site. I ask where was the rest of the crew and he said we're the only ones today. I said what are we going to do then and he rubbed his crotch and said you can get over here and take care of this.

I laughed and said really what do you want me to do and he said get over here and suck my cock kid. I looked at him and ask you serious ...

1 Kommentarer, 218 Besök, 31 Röster ,5.64 Resultat
modern5000 37 M
11  Artiklar
If you meet some online .   2016-07-04

If you are meeting someone online I make sure they are real. Make sure there photo is real. Talk to them on the phone. Meet at a public place.

5 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 24 Röster ,1.31 Resultat
modern5000 37 M
11  Artiklar
find out if somebody's telling the truth online   2016-07-03

The way I find out about somebody if they're for real I start asking him some questions. How to go with my gut feeling as well too. If I feel funny with my gut feeling about this person I simply do not go try to meet this person at all. I just simply find somebody else it was real and is honest.

1 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 15 Röster ,0.38 Resultat
tincaps 52 M
3  Artiklar
Just wondering how women screen the crazy guys out.   2016-06-19

Guys don't tend to worry about being taking advantage of by woman they date, at least not in a physical way. However, it seems like that would be a big concern for women, especially if they don't the guy they are going out with. What do woman do to avoid a-holes?

3 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
sexaddictdon 67 M
31  Artiklar
Lover, FWB, Friend, Acquaintance or (FBM) Fucking Big Mistake   2016-06-02

Last night while catching up with my several online Scrabble Games and emptying my DVR (Old Good Wife Episodes, Black Sails, Suits etc..yes I am a true geek at heart) my phone started blowing up with texts from a woman I have known albeit briefly from my past.
Yes, an email / text is nice when you are hearing from an ex-lover who is checking in to say hello and to try and catch up on life ...

1 Kommentarer, 81 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
KFC36853 67 M
23  Artiklar
Public Place Always   2016-04-29

I have found that when meeting for the first time it is always the safest to meet in some agreed upon safe, public place. There is always time to go somewhere if the chemistry clicks and each want to take it further. If not agreeable, it is easy to walk away in a public place.

I once met a beautiful mid aged woman who had texted, then talked by cell and wanted to meet, presumably for ...

5 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 14 Röster ,5.06 Resultat
xacandxin 44 P
1  Artikel
Confirm ID and Dating Safety   2016-04-22

We are HUGE advocates of the Confirm ID process that AdultFriendFinder offers. First of all, it costs nothing to do and it gets you 2000 points for free! Second of all, when reaching out to others who might be nervous that you are either fake or you are a person that means to mislead them or do them harm, it lets them know that you are a much safer bet than many others, because your actual name and address ...

2 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 20 Röster ,6.57 Resultat
rm_PrisicaK 43 K
2  Artiklar
Illusion of Delusion   2016-03-31

I recently met a member who contacted me claiming to be something he was clearly not. I erred in not taking things more slowly. There is a tendency for men on this site to rush and "close the deal." This is understandable because the more time women are given to think and process information the more likely "no" is. A few reasonable correspondences on this site are not enough to agree to meet ...

2 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 25 Röster ,6.23 Resultat
amelia_isd1 37 K
2  Artiklar
Keeping yourself safe   2016-02-02

I was recently asked about meeting a couple from my area. I agreed to meet in a very public place and informed them I would be accompanied by a male. They asked why I thought it was necessary to bring someone who wasn't going to be involved in any activities we might decide to engage in. I replied that as a single female it was for my safety. Their reaction was out of this world. Asked if I ...

18 Kommentarer, 256 Besök, 40 Röster ,6.75 Resultat
Heathen_G 64 M
11  Artiklar
"Sexual respect" and "Sexual disrespect" -The power of "Yes" and "No".   2016-01-17

The community here, and most any dating sites, being usually fewer women, there is a concern about sexual respect from men, towards women. As any civilized community, that is usually enforced.

However men don't talk about a woman's sexual disrespect of the male. Men don't report it, don't talk about it, and usually dismiss it as not important because we're men. But really, sexually ...

2 Kommentarer, 90 Besök, 51 Röster
rm_HelloILustU 21 K
1  Artikel
So someone wants to travel to see me...   2015-12-25

I've had a few people say they're willing to travel to see me. I realize a lot of them are just saying that and there are others who are visiting around my area so they're not here for me but they want a quick fuck (which isn't my thing).

My questions is this: is there like an acceptable distance threshold? Like if you're in San Diego and want to see me, that seems normal. But lets say ...

13 Kommentarer, 138 Besök, 38 Röster ,6.64 Resultat
frenchkiz4u2 53 K
27  Artiklar
Some of these Men think they are going just go   2015-11-16

Some men send me a message "come over to my house and let's", They are not thinking right. We need to set a time up to meet each other, see if we are attracted and like each other. I am not a free call girl. Sure escorts and call girls will come over as soon as you envite them, it's business and money to them. These are grown adult men acting so immature about trying to get laid. This the ...

10 Kommentarer, 98 Besök, 31 Röster ,6.79 Resultat
straight guy wants TS/Shemale   2015-11-01

I'm a straight guy, separate for 3 years, with kids whom always had a fantasy of being involved in a sexual intimacy with a TS/Shemale. I've seen a lot of videos online n I must say there are a lot of very feminine looking sexy attractive TS/Shemales whom I would love to be intimate with. I would like to meet a very feminine girl with big tittis n a cock no bigger than 6". She has to have a ...

2 Kommentarer, 67 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.04 Resultat
rm_NOPoet30 67 M
47  Artiklar
Doms   2015-10-17

Should they be used under [in] all circumstances [meetings]? I was with the same lady for over 20+ years, before she left this world -for a better place I pray- and I refuse to wear the damn things. I tried once & she loved it, but I didn't really feel much of anything and the latex gave me a rash that lasted for days. Now, I try to explain that I'm 'fixed' + D&D Free. This seriously limits my ...

1 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.94 Resultat
Keep safe   2015-09-21

Ask questions out with people's comfort zones.

2 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.25 Resultat
horacekinky 51 M
1  Artikel
Know What You're Getting Into   2015-08-31

I was drinking one time and I had been chatting with a lady online and before I saw her pictures I sent her some pics of me including some dick pics and then she sent me her pics, and I was attracted to her, but I realized that I was drunk and so I stopped the chat abruptly and didn't respond to any more emails.I had said that I was thinking about going to her toewn, but I never said that I was ...

8 Kommentarer, 156 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
frenchkiz4u2 53 K
27  Artiklar
your date takes down your license plate number   2015-08-27

you have a date and decide to get a room and enjoy intimate time together, he says he needs to go get ice, I look out the curtain to see what he was doing . He was writing down the license plate number off my car. The question is why is he doing this ? Your date is dicreet, but to mee that is not right to do that. He can have it traced and find out where I live. That is danger. Nothing ever ...

7 Kommentarer, 114 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.63 Resultat
Meeting   2015-08-15

Where's the best place to meet?

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 5 Röster ,3.47 Resultat
rm_AmyC18 34 K
2  Artiklar
General Rules   2015-08-15

1. Never leave your drink unattended. 2. Don't be a slut 3. don't let random dude grope you at the club 4. carry pepper spray 5. Buddy system 6. Don't get roofied 7. ihop is a fantastic dating spot if you want to avoid getting "taken advantage of" 8. Wear a chastity belt at all times and swallow the key 9. get a chiuaua to carry in your purse, make sure he is vicious 10. stomp a bitch if ...

3 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 26 Röster ,6.58 Resultat
frenchkiz4u2 53 K
27  Artiklar
He was a no show, or was he ?   2015-08-13

well, I went to my meet up at a café, but he never showed up. OR did he ? I noticed a man sitting in a blue truck as I was going into the café. I looked at him, and went on in. I finally left after having iced tea and cinnamon roll. As I was going to my car, the man was still parked there. I got into my car and drove away slowly. Then, in the rear view mirror he was driving too. I turned out ...

10 Kommentarer, 155 Besök, 23 Röster ,4.41 Resultat
narada1976 41 M
2  Artiklar
Most pressing thing   2015-06-15

with advent of many crimes it becomes very important that one is very careful, choosy while dating some one who has been met online only. The following steps might be helpful.

1. meet in public place (with lot of people around) till u develop confidence 2. try to get references. 3. try for a common friend. If found try to dig more information 4. Don't take any decisions when u r horny

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Would you like to know when....   2015-05-10

Having sex is fun, rewarding, intimate and in our nature. Knowing when your partner is having an orgasm is a turn on and adds to the sexual experience. Some people like to know when their partner is about to cum and cumming, so my question is for both men and women do you like to know your partner is about to cum and is in the process of cumming? Also how do you like to know, verbally(I am going ...

3 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Cmackcum 52 M
1  Artikel
Guys meeting up for suck/jerk...   2015-05-03

What are guys' experiences on here for this kind of meeting? Would you say the same advice for meeting up with a woman applies? Haven't done this yet, so I'm just curious. Have read some of the advice on do's and don'ts on men meeting women, and they all seem sound. Anything different to add? It seems like most of the guys I've chatted with just want another cock to suck and be sucked, and ...

4 Kommentarer, 94 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.59 Resultat
grannywrecker 54 M
2  Artiklar
protection   2015-04-18

When you meet someone from this site, is protection something you insist on, for unwanted pregnancies, STD's, etc?

13 Kommentarer, 94 Besök, 22 Röster ,4.33 Resultat
Knowing when it's cumming   2015-03-27

Just a question for all of you bored sex lovers out there.. are you able to tell when your partner is about to cum the first time you're having sex? Or is it just something you come to know the more you get to know them?

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 6 Röster ,4.50 Resultat
onlyoneme913 34 M
10  Artiklar
tips   2015-03-14

out of all the times ive met up i never had any problems but i still take precautions i will meet in public places if requested but usually meet at/around residence me personally i always text my brother the address of where ill be and who i will be meeting and where i know them from and give him a certain time to hear from me by as a precaution im a pretty big guy and can handle myself but ...

3 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 6 Röster ,4.50 Resultat
Dating Safety   2014-12-26

I am surprised when people do not take simple steps for their own safety. No matter how much you think you can trust someone you have just met, caution is the best way to go. Meeting in a public place is a must as is making sure you have some understanding of who they are. There are stalkers of both sexes and we all need to be safe.

9 Kommentarer, 139 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.86 Resultat
DaDevilsDelight 53 M
10  Artiklar
Never   2014-12-17

I would never meet a womanat a hotel if I hadn't met her in person first, I know a guy who got robbed off another site

10 Kommentarer, 98 Besök, 35 Röster ,4.21 Resultat
brandi455 50 P
1  Artikel
Ample   2014-12-02

Let's just say I'm a large girl and I don't want any naked pics on our profile. My question is would pics help if I were fully dressed in them?

14 Kommentarer, 148 Besök, 33 Röster ,4.07 Resultat
alt4139 63 P
10  Artiklar
Do you wonder?   2014-11-28

Since joining this site do you ever wonder sitting in a bar or restaurant if the people around you are meeting for sex or thinking about which of them you would play with if they were swingers?

14 Kommentarer, 107 Besök, 28 Röster ,5.81 Resultat
rm_sexyinblu4u 57 P
8  Artiklar
Kids   2014-11-23

Would you agree to have sex with another couple at their house if their children were there in bed sleeping?

7 Kommentarer, 110 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.08 Resultat
Married women are hot but married men are discussing. . why?   2014-11-15

Why is it that married men in the eyes of single women are trash? But married woman are sexy?

10 Kommentarer, 126 Besök, 22 Röster ,3.85 Resultat
picouple2o7 63 P
11  Artiklar
Would you feel safe?   2014-11-13

Would you feel safe going to a club that specialized in bondage?

7 Kommentarer, 74 Besök, 14 Röster ,5.54 Resultat
rm_robpsf415 27 M
12  Artiklar
Couples Joy   2014-11-13

What would be ideal in safety when hooking up with couples?

6 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 9 Röster ,4.07 Resultat
Three's company   2014-11-12

I often get asked to meet couples in places I don't know and when I tell them that I want to bring another couple with me for protection they think I'm crazy. Am I being overly cautious?

19 Kommentarer, 129 Besök, 46 Röster ,5.46 Resultat
rm_karori100 53 P
4  Artiklar
Bare back   2014-11-09

Do you allow guys to fuck your ass bare back?

10 Kommentarer, 225 Besök, 17 Röster ,5.25 Resultat
t4girlplay 42 K
10  Artiklar
No way   2014-11-03

I often get couples asking me to meet them in less than reputable hang outs and when I say no they get upset. As a single woman I'll only meet someone in a very public place and if you don't like it then we're just not going to meet.

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rm_theetmj1515 33 M
10  Artiklar
older women   2014-10-31

how do I attract an older women?

5 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
rm_theetmj1515 33 M
10  Artiklar
looking for older women   2014-10-31

looking for some mature females to have there way with me

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twomuchfu 64 P
11  Artiklar
Condoms   2014-10-27

Condoms sometimes break so the question is do you ever double bag?

11 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 14 Röster ,4.74 Resultat
rm3wayfuninct 44 P
1  Artikel
Where to meet   2014-10-16

We recently had a couple that wanted to meet us in a very rough neighborhood for a drink in what could only be described as a dive. Once we realized just how bad the area was we phoned and asked them to meet us somewhere else but they got really upset and said it was there or nowhere. We opted for nowhere. Were we wrong not to meet them?

21 Kommentarer, 146 Besök, 27 Röster ,6.61 Resultat
rm_shenoda051 43 M
1  Artikel
first dating on my life   2014-09-25

since 3 years ago , I search for first dating but i have no chance may my charachters is not perferace to local girls or my they afraid my grand deck I think its not sham if medcine check done before releation for safety releation will be better doctor check , in that case will neednt to use condom

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Dating   2014-09-11

Dating Safety, so what do we mean by "dating" and what do we mean by "safety." lol..This category could have a wide range of topics. Males overall are not impressive and if I were a woman and drunk at a party with strange males around...I would want friends with me. Some males are barbaric.

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rm_culmu74 49 M
3  Artiklar
Saturday-Night-Fun-Time   2014-08-05

A couple of weeks ago I contacted a girl over for an actual date, not a hook-up, an One night stand or a quick fuck, but an actual date. A clean and precious date for a Saturday-Night-Fun-Time.


I've been separated from my wife for quite some time now, between work responsibilities, kids activities and house chores I thought that adult fun for just a quick stage would be ...

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rm_testprem425 43 M
5  Artiklar
online dating   2014-08-01

Online Safety Tips Protect your finances Ignore any request to send money, especially overseas or by wire transfer, and report it to us immediately – even if the person claims to be in an emergency. Wiring money is like sending cash: the sender has no protections against loss and it's nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.

Never give financial information ...

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josejd69 31 M
2  Artiklar
meet in a public place   2014-07-28

first you need to exchange pictures (face pictures ) the don't give you real address, meet in a public place and don't go by yourself

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rm_d1n1cA2014 35 P-2K
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looking for real guy   2014-07-17

I am looking for a man, who will be interesting and smart person; I do not like boring and not educated people. I like when man has a very good sense of humor and like to joke

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First off meet some where with people   2014-07-07


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DGator69 57 M
3  Artiklar
A few tips for safety   2014-07-03

Here are a few tips for both men and women to keep in mind when meeting someone from this site or any other site....

1. Let someone know where you are going 2. Make sure your phone is fully charged 3. Even if the other person gives you proof they have been tested INSIST on safe sex 4. Meet in a public place 5. NEVER let your food or drink out of your sight 6. Do not tell the person what ...

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prateek_handsome 35 M
10  Artiklar
having sex after a successful date   2014-07-02

do u consider having sex after a successful date is right ? and doing it wdout protection is okay? or not pls comment people it wud be nice to hear from u people .. thanx a lot in advance

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Weirdos   2014-06-14

What percentage of the folks on here would fall into the "weird" category. And what is your "favorite" weird story to relate?

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rm_kawasakibb 39 K
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hello   2014-04-12

Looking for relationship cerious, long term . But also love sex

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oraljim201 75 M
4  Artiklar
scammers   2014-02-17

How do you tell a scam from an actual profile. Ive run across what I think was a scam. Is there and way to tell.I would appreciate some in sight.I know that the site screens scams, but I'm sure some must get through just because of the volume.

12 Kommentarer, 188 Besök, 24 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
annie444u 52 P
135  Artiklar
You Can Never Be Too Careful   2014-01-23

Recently a rather bad, bad, I mean bad guy was arrested in our town for assaulting several women.

Turns out the guy moved her from another state recently and was working a retail store.

Girls, don't go out with someone like that...someone new...unless you check him out. This guy's mug shot was on the internet all one had to do was query his name and it came up that he served x ...

11 Kommentarer, 168 Besök, 36 Röster ,4.79 Resultat
Use your...   2014-01-13

Think with your brain first, then with other parts

2 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
hotbloodxxx 36 M
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meets gone bad   2014-01-12

curious to hear about the meets through this site that have gone bad. we all must think hookups are great because thats why we're on here, but what about the meets that have put you off?

7 Kommentarer, 157 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
are there alot of creepy gay men are here?   2013-12-11

Yes there are and they are so annoying cant they read that it says straight male for pussy. SO FRUSTRATING

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 2 Röster ,5.20 Resultat
MissChelie 57 K
3  Artiklar
How do you....   2013-11-17

....Keep yourself safe when you are a woman dating couples or groups? What techniques work best to be sure you aren't getting into a bad situation?

7 Kommentarer, 113 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
beanflicker17701 36 M
6  Artiklar
staying safe   2013-11-07

what is the best way to stay safe during a date if u just met the person

3 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
How to be safe while being discrete.   2013-11-03

I have always wondered how someone that is trying to be discrete be able to stay safe since they can't really tell someone where they're going to be since they're trying to be discrete. Any suggestions?

2 Kommentarer, 101 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.25 Resultat
Should you believe them   2013-11-03

If a person tells you that they're clean, should you risk the chance and go without protection? I would love to hear your opinions.

6 Kommentarer, 112 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
Indymilfhunting 37 M
1  Artikel
Best Place to meet?   2013-10-05

What are some of the better, safer places to meet a total stranger? Throw it out there people (and dont say a public place, be specific).

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
JasperRidge 43 M
1  Artikel
Three Tips:   2013-09-28

If you're meeting up with someone for sex online, I think the first thing you need to do is establish that the other isn't too crazy.

If they're meeting up for sex online, chances are they are going to be pretty wild, but you don't want them too wild and showing up at your place uninvited.

1) Meet up during the day. If things go well, you can take them somewhere more private. ...

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Scams   2013-09-18

What are your favorite way to vet a suspected scam profile?

3 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.65 Resultat